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The pre-orderer's paradise. We were talking about cool stuff in the run-up to the game's launch! Read it in here. (This forum is closed for posting.)

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Does anyone have this Steve Purcell cover in HQ?

Posted by M. Pinillos

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Episode 3 Monkey Island is bugged - Tongue of the Manatee

Posted by DoflamingoGT

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Adding Monkey Island games to Android phone

Posted by CaptKevinKid76

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Monkeyisland104.exe stop working

Posted by firens

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Help Bugeye is invisible

Posted by VidarG123

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Monkey Island T-Shirt?

Posted by Trenchfoot

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German or better german Speech for PS Store Tales of Monkey Islands

Posted by wildjenna

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ToMI for PS3 trouble

Latest post by Silly Bob

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Posted by jamesban

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The game does not open

Posted by arxiroufianos

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Sadly time to give up I think

Posted by Binhex

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Posted by Unleasher

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Monkey island theme help

Posted by Lanternbat

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Q&A With the Team

Latest post by RapScallion

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Private Pirate Monkey Brainstorming...

Latest post by JackiJinx

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Questions for Dominic Armato!

Latest post by bizarro

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Stuff I have laying around

Latest post by jweir

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Concepts and Such

Latest post by indiana_helge

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Questions for Mike Stemmle? Post 'em here!

Latest post by Lenar Hoyt

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The adventure begins... at E3!

Latest post by Lena_P

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Voice Recording Snapshots

Latest post by SeanSeanston

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