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Need some help with a puzzle? Spoilers are very likely in here. You've been warned.

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Latest post by kapsystem

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Trigger for Tuna Colada Recipe (Ch4)

Posted by tbm1986

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Stuck obtaining "secret" on Episode 5

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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Chapter 5

Latest post by Grez

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Jungle trek with ancient scroll

Latest post by CptKoala

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What Is Guybrush Whistling While Waiting Mast Repair?

Latest post by Vainamoinen

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Just a question about 4th TOMI

Latest post by tbm1986

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Chapter 2 do I have to go here?

Posted by YourBestFriend

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Saved game for Monkey Island Special Edition

Latest post by Jakub.CZ

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PS3 Trophy - "Why is my older brother laughing"? Help

Latest post by polocatfan

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Can´t step on the calendar

Latest post by polocatfan

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Ninja Dave's map not working for me on the iPad

Latest post by Molokov

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how to get Santiano's vote

Latest post by Sycosars

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episode 5 thief wont tell sercet

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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The manatee tongue???

Latest post by Frostbyte

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Monkey Island Special Edition: Pull the Nose?

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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Walk through

Latest post by Jon NA

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iPad version: My weather vane is gone! SPOILER!!

Latest post by khgamer

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Help with Idols Please.

Posted by khgamer

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Rise of the pirate: The door and barrel.

Latest post by Grojak

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Leviathan - Stuck with Guybrush Picture

Latest post by Grojak

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can't get into De singes lab (spoilers)

Latest post by Grojak

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I used Hemlock's Map and I can't get back to the portal!

Latest post by Gibbeynator

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Stuck on the Seahorse Artifact

Latest post by whaha

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i am stuck on the idol that is broken

Latest post by Hee Ho Ho

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PS3 Trophy Ch. 2 Tips

Latest post by Debbie82

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Chapter one, The old scroll

Latest post by VeronicanPlay

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Face off trophy help

Posted by loaldnt

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Spirit photo

Latest post by Debbie82

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Face-off - any logic to it?

Latest post by Polychrome

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