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Local Multiplayer Option Coming to Telltale: Introducing, Crowd Play!

Latest post by mikeyminor2214

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What's coming up from Telltale + FAQs about Telltale's Future and General Info (Update Oct 15 2016)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Rules of Thumb for Better Community Discussions [Arguments/Debates and General Quality of Posting]

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Forum Guidelines

Posted by puzzlebox

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The Whatever's on Your Mind Megathread

Latest post by papai46

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Talks

Posted by ScuffyBug

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What's your opinion on PewDiePie?

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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Favourite TV show themes/openings/soundtrack/score ?

Latest post by WildlingKing

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MCU Discussion Thread

Latest post by Pipas

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Hillary vs Trump Debate Discussion - Whoever Wins, America Loses

Latest post by Gary-Oak

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Moved: Having problems with downloading Batman Episode 3

Posted by OzzyUK

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Unofficial Birthday Thread

Latest post by Handsome Lee

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what games are you playing?

Latest post by lupinb0y

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Explain your avatar

Latest post by Acheive250

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What are you listening to right now?

Latest post by MIRABEL

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Does anyone feel like your initial first choices are always your canon choices?

Latest post by MIRABEL

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Chuck Norris vs Marvel and DC Charecters.

Latest post by MIRABEL

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What do you think of about the media?

Latest post by MIRABEL

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The Quote Game

Latest post by Acheive250

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The game awards 2016

Latest post by prink34320

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Answer the question above you

Latest post by Acheive250

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The trailer for "LOGAN"

Latest post by MaconMajr

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Unpopular Gaming Thread

Latest post by fancies

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Trump or Clinton? Vote in the Poll!

Latest post by fancies

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What do you guys think of Traveler's Tale's Lego Games?

Latest post by TeamKennyW00T

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What Iv'e noticed about TTG so far (and Dontnod's Life is Strange)

Latest post by Chilled

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Black Mirror (TV Show)

Latest post by Omid's cat

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Anime Chat!

Latest post by Kameraden

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Life is Strange One Year Later

Latest post by DaveMLG

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Who's your favorite X-Men villain?

Posted by TheAutisticGamer

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Moved: Minecraft StoryMode Problem on PS4

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Movies of 2016

Latest post by Tolispro

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The Vent Thread

Latest post by WarpSpeed

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Telltale confirmed to be supporting new Nintendo console (Huge Spoilers for System).

Latest post by Kameraden

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