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Getting bullied and could use help

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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Your thoughts about next-gen consoles

Latest post by DragonButter

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How many pets had you have?

Latest post by mr.quality

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Any Redditors out there? (Subreddit Recommendation Thread)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Dave Grossman leaves TTG. Same as Mike Stemmle. Jake&Sean too. Why is everyone leaving?

Latest post by Jennifer

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The Awful Karaoke Thread

Latest post by Jennifer

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The PewDiePie "issue"

Latest post by PoopBrown

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I think I'm leaving

Latest post by TheZorkij

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MI:SE on the Old Telltale Website?

Latest post by Inika_Unite77

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Hottest Video Game Characters

Latest post by WarpSpeed

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I'm Back

Latest post by JonGon

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Does Telltale pay attention to these forums?

Latest post by Gobananas01

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Telltale Murder Mystery 2: Sunburn

Latest post by Noname215

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Moments in video games that made you very sad,or cry Thread

Latest post by dojo32161

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Interview with Kevin Bruner

Latest post by TheGoodTheBadTheDead

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What Telltale game would you want to be made into a movie?

Latest post by DragonButter

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this section is so dead it should be featured more prominently..

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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How long do you think Telltale will stay with the current gens?

Latest post by JamesDalton1995

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So what would you think about a True Detective game?

Posted by LilSarge

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Discussion Bug?

Latest post by SaveNick

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The Island game idea

Posted by MassPolyS

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Anyone know how get rid of the +99 notifications?

Latest post by Tyler_Durant

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What Happend to this community..?

Latest post by Gobananas01

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I'm leaving the community!

Latest post by Jennifer

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Moved: You can only talk in reaction gifs. Good luck!

Posted by Jennifer

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Story time!

Latest post by Impalala

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anybody here have a PlayStation vita?

Latest post by JamesDalton1995

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Where in the world are you from?

Latest post by kenlilleementinebeny

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The Youtube Channel Thread

Latest post by Tewudin

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A Telltale Murder Mystery

Latest post by Noname215

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