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Did Kim Jong Un declare war? (Mod edit: No he did not)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Jabba the Hutt movie

Latest post by joshua007

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Did Life is Strange sell better than TwD?

Latest post by fallandir

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Merged: Mario: The Telltale series

Posted by Fleet_Admiral_Auto

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Planet of the Apes: Lost Frontier - A Telltale Style Game

Latest post by AronDracula

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Assassin's Creed Origins: Gamescom Cinematic Trailer

Posted by joshua007

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Get Voice Actor: Michaela Laws in a Telltale Game!

Latest post by Markd4547

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What was TT thinking?

Latest post by AronDracula

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Have you ever died in a Telltale game?

Latest post by OfficialMonkey

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Merged: Spider-Man - The Telltale Series

Posted by Nick261

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Merged: A Telltale Game Based Off of the Dishonored Series?

Posted by matteso586

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Android bluetooth audio

Posted by hackthis02

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Help: Should I still (based on my computer specs) consider getting ANF and Story Mode S2?

Latest post by Johro

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Merged: Please make a SUPERNATURAL game!

Posted by SUHRMAN

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What makes a Good Ending?

Latest post by TheClemAmoungUs

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Barcelona Terror Attack

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Discussion time - The Trouble with Telltale Games (Haedox video)

Latest post by OfficialMonkey

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I hereby request Rhys socks for our fellow member: Poogers555.

Latest post by Pipas

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Wow! Telltale is REALLY not doing well!

Latest post by NightmareBG

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Thanks for the spoiler telltale

Latest post by cleminist

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Telltale Games Website Update Suggestion/Thought.

Posted by RandomGamerGuy

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Rick and Morty S3 Episode 4

Latest post by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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Want to be a writer for Telltale, but what should I submit?

Latest post by javoris767

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Selfie thread

Latest post by Lydia_Woolfy

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Moved: Release Date?

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Advice for Telltale on how to improve their games?

Latest post by ScootyZ

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What movie/series scene has left the hardest impact on you?

Latest post by ScootyZ

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Merged: Android release?

Posted by basil7ksa_

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For the players of a Stunt woman who died in a Dead Pool 2 Production .

Latest post by AronDracula

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Telltale @ PAX West 2017 - What should we Crowd Play?

Latest post by JakeSt123

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