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Read before posting - Forum Guidelines (UPDATED) , where to get Game Support

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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A New Frontier - Links to Episode Release Date Discussions + Rules for Sharing Let's Plays/Streams

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Walking Dead Unofficial FAQs (and New Frontier Save Import System FAQ) [Updated Dec 14]

Latest post by Jennifer

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Unpopular walking dead opinions?

Latest post by Saoralba131

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Episode 3 Waiting Thread - Trailer Out Now, Ep 3 releases March 28th

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The Thread of general TWD-related questions

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About the Episode 3 Trailer.

Latest post by Gary-Oak

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Who else wants to CUCK David?

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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The Walking Dead Meme and Fun Thread (Mobile warning: contains lots of images)

Latest post by Ratchet55

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Who did Rosita See in Season 7 Episode 14 Ending?

Latest post by -Bigby

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Do you think Daryl will ever get a girlfriend?

Latest post by xValkyx

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Self-Captured Screenshots of TTG TWD (S1, S2, NF, Michonne)

Latest post by DabigRG

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The Old Walking Dead Is Back!!!

Latest post by LilClemmyClue

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Am I The Only One Not Disappointed?

Latest post by KCohere

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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about The Walking Dead

Latest post by DabigRG

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Is is weird that i care about Clem more than i do most people i meet irl

Latest post by RavenSnowstorm

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Top 5 most pointless deaths

Latest post by BroKenny

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Why is there still no 'dialogue skip' feature

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That Joke Thread Which Wont Last ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Moved: Stuck in Michonne Episode 3

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Ben or Sarah

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Do you miss Kenny

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Was TellTale already doomed from Season 2 Episode 5's alternate choices?

Latest post by Kryik

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What does everyone hate about Javi?

Latest post by Chibikid

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Clementine in the comics?

Latest post by LeeClemKen

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Favorite playable character?

Latest post by TJ3046

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Paul aka Jesus!!

Latest post by Saoralba131

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What Does It Take To Be Part of the Community?

Latest post by Tobi-Is-A-Good-Boy

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My Biggest Gripe About Season 3 (SPOILERS)

Latest post by VengefulKenny

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Are there will be more character? (SPOILER!)

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Why don't Clementine and Eleanor like each other?

Latest post by rabbitrun

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