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Read before posting - Forum Guidelines (UPDATED) , where to get Game Support

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A New Frontier - Links to Episode Release Date Discussions + Rules for Sharing Let's Plays/Streams

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Walking Dead Unofficial FAQs (includes New Frontier Save Transfer FAQs) [Updated Dec 1]

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NF Eps 1 + 2 Waiting Thread - Trailer this Sunday at 12pm PT, TWO episodes premiering on Dec 20th

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Rachel Loves Her New Puppy

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Does Clementine Not Know That Cutting it Off Can Help?

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The TellTale Stream was Awesome

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I think Clementine is...

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Trailer Reaction Thread (Trailer Releases Sunday, December 11)

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The Walking Dead Twitch stream every day at 3pm PT through 12/18, plus TWD S1 free with Twitch Prime

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What type of Locations/Scenary would you like to see in Season 3?

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The Thread of general TWD-related questions

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Why do you hate Javier? List your reasons

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Moved: Dude TWD season 2 keeps ''correcting'' my choices from season 1 ps4 version

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Limited Engagement: Crowd Play 'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier' in London & NYC!

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Official Bonnie HATE Thread.

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My guess, regarding the 2-parter

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Okay, let's look at Javier with a CLEAR mind

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Preorder Fronier for Mac

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Why is the language changing on me when I play and how do I fix it

Posted by Nemo88

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Create your own Walking Dead Game Character

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Why do you think the new Walking Dead is called A New Frontier?

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Why would Sherry Want to Take Over Alexandria?

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So when was the change finally known?

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Issue 161 Discussion

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The Truth about the Season 2 and Kenny

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i can't believe this

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The Walking Dead: Negan's Rule Interactive Game

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Walking Fan Art of the DEAD... (New and Improved)

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What once was barbecue, is now some berries: Changing Opinions

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But what's with the ugly jacket?: Character Designs

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How well will it perform?

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