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"Alexander pulls out his magic map..." (Quotes thread)

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King's Quest Collection - Steam Version help needed

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How should this game handle ingame deaths?

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All I can say is WOW KQ going on new or old? I wonder!! ode to telltale?!

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What are some of your favorites moments/things from the King's Quest series?

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Reprint the KQ Companion!

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KQ1 - Telltale

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Adventure Gamers Interview

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King's Quest Forum Guidelines (Please read before creating new threads)

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Who would you like to be the playable character?

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Paw: King's Quest V movie (parody)

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KQ on a console?

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Interactive Movies

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Dark Fantasy

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KQVII: Why Lorelei instead of Jane?

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What's with all the aggression on this forum?

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King's Quest NEEDS to have deaths.

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Are you going to play TT's KQ?

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Will Telltale count "The Silver Lining" as part of the continuity?

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Exclusivity over the license.

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Reaching Out: How Telltale Can Show Goodwill to the Community

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Technical question about the old KQ games.

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Is this game stillborn?

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Are you excited for this game?

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Which former Sierra writers/designers would you like to see involved?

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Should the TTG King's Quest games have fanservice?

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When do you think we'll see the first screenshots?

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How long has Telltale been pursuing this license?

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