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The Walking Dead

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Javier. Who is he? Where is he from?

Latest post by Lilacsbloom

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Season 3 Waiting Thread - "Well known" comic characters appearing, TWD to be discussed at PAX Panel

Latest post by Skye19

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"OUTBREAK" Free Apocalypse/Zombie Game [UPDATE : Working on Demo]

Latest post by Sedna

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Am I the only one?

Latest post by xfuriouss

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what if

Latest post by A-IBRAHIM0702

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(Season 2) He doesn't deserve to be shot

Latest post by A-IBRAHIM0702

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Scale of 1-10…What do you think?

Latest post by TWDazehnuu

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Unpopular walking dead opinions?

Latest post by DabigRG

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Choices for season 3

Latest post by DabigRG

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Kirkman confirms

Latest post by DabigRG

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Telltale Talk

The place for off-topic discussion beyond the realm of our games.

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What's Your True Mental Age?

Latest post by DaveTheArakin

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The Whatever's on Your Mind Megathread

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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What character in a Telltale game would/can you want to voice act?

Latest post by fred10359

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Overwatch Thread

Latest post by Dark_Star

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Selfie thread

Latest post by MarijaaNo7

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Answer the question above you

Latest post by Mortal5075

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Anime Chat!

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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What is your opinion of Jesus?

Latest post by CAITT

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Troubled Mind. - A look into the life of someone who suffers from anxiety and depression

Latest post by Johro

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what games are you playing?

Latest post by ClemyClooAndBabyboo

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