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Back to the Future

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Tom Wilson

Latest post by Laserschwert

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Ripple effect works backwards in time as well?

Latest post by Seal87

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Transfering game to steam?

Latest post by alemohamad

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Where is Marty McFly?

Latest post by Olwall

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How was Marty in FCB timeline's 1931?

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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how does this game compare to The Walking Dead

Latest post by dimitreze

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Steam Key

Latest post by islington80

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Can't log into BTTF

Posted by BttfFan1234

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looking for old "Citizen Brown" critical review.

Latest post by Coolgamer

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Can I not play Ep 4 and 5 on the Mac?

Latest post by THE BLAH MAN

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BTTF Episode One Mac Issues Please Help!

Latest post by The_Lady_Eve

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foreshadowing within the game (spoilers)

Latest post by Michael J Fox is Canadian

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Episode 1 is not working now.

Latest post by milka

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Episode 1

Posted by GreenBlinkSum

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Why this game is a better conclusion than BTTF3 *spoilers*

Latest post by Michael J Fox is Canadian

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Steam Intergration

Latest post by alemohamad

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Video problems since installing Windows 8.1

Latest post by kthomas5000

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Temporal Duplicate Year Error

Latest post by BttF_LttP

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Real Mouse Movement

Latest post by Jennifer

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Why is this showing in "My Games"

Latest post by Jennifer

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McFly Home Cameo in Justice League

Latest post by vanhalendlrband

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Game File Transfer Issue - Mac

Latest post by Jennifer

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IAP for BTTF on iPad.

Posted by MN2NMIXR

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Looking for the soundtrack

Latest post by bashark

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Posted by lukebrynycz

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Screen squashed when full-screen

Latest post by taletotell

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Part2 and 3

Latest post by Jennifer

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Bttf the game iOS version error

Posted by bttf88mphouttatime

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BTTF iOS Update

Posted by henhowc

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Price question download vs DVD

Posted by BountyHunter

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