Strong Badia the Free: Well, did you?

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The official "Did you try?" list for Strong Badia the Free is now available here. Many thanks to Chuck and Dave Eggers (no, not the one who wrote that book) for putting it together. Even if you're positive you've already squeezed the game dry for every bit of funny content, you should check out this list. Chances are you missed at least a few of these, and we want to make sure you get your money's worth!

If this isn't enough, you'll find another "Did you try?" list, put together by Dangerzone from the forums, right here. Enjoy!

New shirts for girls!

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We've just added two new items to the store: a Teen Girl Squad shirt, and women's sizes of the Strong Bad t-shirt. As a girl myself, this makes me very happy.

The Teen Girl Squad shirt is white with black sleeves, and has the motto "I have a crush on every boy" on the back. The Strong Bad shirt is charcoal gray with Strong Bad on the front (just like the men's style we've been carrying for a while, but with a slimmer cut for the ladies).

If you're a girl (or know one), and you love Strong Bad, we hope you'll buy one!

Strong Bad Email #200

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames


The Brothers Chaps posted the 200th Strong Bad Email today. If you're a fan, you probably already knew that... but if not, you should go to and watch it!

Not surprisingly, we have some huge Homestar fans here at Telltale. (We wouldn't be working on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People if we weren't!) The cartoons are tremendously creative and funny, and if you're one of the uninitiated, we strongly recommend checking them out!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorites...

...and this one's not a cartoon, but I have to put in a plug for Peasant's Quest, a browser-based adventure game that will be hilarious to you if you ever played Sierra's old text parser games.

Total awesomeness in Strong Badia the Free

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames

Now that it's been out a week, you're probably feverishly working on getting the highest possible awesomeness ranking in Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free. Lucky for you, we've just posted this handy guide to help get your ranking up as high as it can possibly go! (And if you're still working through the main story and find yourself stuck, there's always the official walkthrough to guide you towards the light.)

Also, if you missed the most recent entry on Strong Bad's dev blog, shame on you. Go check it out, your life will never be the same...

This weekend, conquer Strong Badia

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames


(Image lovingly lifted from this guy)

So, Friday's here, which means you have two impending days of freedom. Make them count by playing our new game, Strong Badia the Free!

This second episode is getting even better reviews than the first (which says a lot, since Homestar Ruiner got some pretty awesome reviews as well). And if you're a Sam & Max fan, you'll probably feel right at home with Strong Badia the Free, which was written by Chuck Jordan, the lead writer on Sam & Max Season Two (along with the Brothers Chaps, of course!)

But don't just take my word for it! Here are some of the reasons totally unbiased third parties think your life will not be complete until Strong Badia the Free has become a part of it...

Cubed3, 9/10

Telltale has once again delivered a must-have WiiWare download that is by far a cut above the rest. Now be sure to get your hands on it before the third episode arrives!

GamePro Arcade, 4.75/5 (Editor's Choice)

Episode 2 is so well written, funny and enjoyable you'll gladly submit to the domineering, steel toed boot of your new red masked overlord.

IGN, 8.2/10

Strong Badia the Free is a little longer than Homestar Ruiner and feels just a bit more fleshed out. There are some nice environmental touches like the King's castle looming forebodingly in the distance, a la Sauron's tower in Lord of the Rings. But a little goofier.

GameZone, 8.7/10

Characters that weren't really featured in Homestar Ruiner take center stage here, including some of my personal favorites, like Strong Sad, Homsar, and The Cheat. There's also a much wider variety of side activities to pursue ... The real kicker, though, is the ending—without spoiling anything, suffice it to say that the game's final challenge is different from anything you've done up to that point, and completely awesome.

Giant Bomb, 4/5

A good deal of humor is mined from punny, made-up country names and the residents' bizarre takes on international relations -- Bubs' Concession Stand hosts a poorly stocked black market for weapons, cultural artifacts, and organs, and Strong Mad's idea of diplomacy is to just yell "DIPLOMACY!" There are also some good wartime newsreel gags, and even a reference to Ken Burns' Civil War.

Destructoid, 7.75/10

The plot works, and works damn well, because it takes the familiar Homestar characters and puts them in a slightly different situation. Though I can't imagine anyone in their right mind has ever asked, "I wonder what it'd be like if the Homestar characters declared war on each other?," the result tends to be surprisingly funny.

Cheat Code Central, 4.1/5

Strong Badia the Free is littered with plenty of subtle nods to the online cartoon series, while still being accessible to new players. The fresher elements improve on the firmly established vibe and gameplay, making this a solid follow up episode. We can't wait for Episode 3 next month: Baddest of the Bands. Rock on!

MyGamer, 84/100

Probably one of the best things about the game is how it continues to feel like an elongated version of a Strong Bad email. Throughout the entire episode, the game continues to keep on a steady supply of humor and doesn't let up until the credits have finished rolling.

GamingNexus, B

Strong Badia the Free stands at attention already as the series' high point -- and we're only two-fifths of the way into season one. Along with the famed Sam & Max series, Telltale Games is single-handedly ushering in a renaissance for the adventure genre.

Even more great reviews...
No more waiting, it's time for action! You can pick up the PC version right here in our store, and of course the WiiWare version can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. (Of course, you can always try before you buy thanks to the free demo.)

If you happen to find yourself stuck in the game, consult our covenient walkthrough. And don't forget to try to max out your awesomeness ranking! On Monday we'll be launching a handy guide that you can compare to your own methods and see how close you got, so make sure to come back for that.

Sam & Max Wii coming Oct. 7 in North America!

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a release date! (For North America, anyway.*) Starting October 7, you will be able to walk into a store, hand over $29.99, and get a shiny new copy of Sam & Max Season One for your Wii. We know some of you have been waiting for Sam & Max on the Wii for a long time now, and after two years of rumors and anticipation, it's finally a reality.

To celebrate the first Sam & Max console release ever, GameStop has a special preorder deal going on: reserve your copy of the game, and when it arrives you'll also get a free bonus CD with a behind the scenes featurette, trailers, desktop wallpapers, and an MP3 soundtrack sampler. (This is the same CD that came with the retail PC version.) The deal is good on their website and in stores.

Okay, so here's how you can help. Back when the Wii rumors first started up, there was a ton of movement on the internet as fans let us know just how much you wanted Sam & Max on the Wii. It's time to put that excitement to good use. Now that the release is approaching, you can really help us out by preordering and proving that Sam & Max is a perfect fit for the Wii, and the type of game retailers should be stocking. It's not just a line... preorders really do make a difference!

Please help us show the world that games like Sam & Max -- games that are funny, tell great stories, and are pretty damn entertaining even without a body count -- have a place in the market. I mean, we've already seen that when a lot of people all ask for the same thing, it CAN make a difference. It's one of the reasons Sam & Max made it to Wii in the first place. Now, let's make it count.

*International customers, don't despair! We hope to have news on availability in other territories very soon.

Strong Bad Episode 2 has landed

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames


Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free is out! Written by Chuck Jordan of Sam & Max Season Two fame (with tons of input from the Brothers Chaps, of course), this episode has it all: politics, drama, glow sticks, heads asploding. If you like Telltale's games... or Strong Bad... or things that are funny... you really shouldn't miss this game.

Try it!

Download the Strong Badia the Free demo

Ready to buy...?

Wii customers in North America can get the game right now through the Wii Shop Channel (here's how), and of course the PC version is available in our very own store. (Already bought it? Just grab it from your account!)

By the way, if you already bought Homestar Ruiner from Telltale, we have a special deal to save you a little money... Upgrade to the full season for just $26 and get Strong Badia the Free today, and the rest of the episodes as they come out. Woo!

Strong Badia the Free - totally coming this Monday!

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames

Update! We just got confirmation that the game will be on WiiWare (in North America) this Monday, September 15. The PC version will launch on Monday as well.

As soon as we know the exact date Strong Bad Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free will hit on WiiWare and PC, we'll let you know. Until then, you can tide yourself over with this video teaser...

There are also some new screenshots on the episode's official page.

Feeling lonely? Just need to share how much you're looking forward to the game? Stop by the forum and chat with people like you.

Strong Bad tells it like it is

Posted on September 2008 by TelltaleGames

Some guys from IGN managed to scrounge up Strong Bad's private number, and they got him to answer some questions about his Cool Game for Attractive People and the upcoming episode, Strong Badia the Free*. It's definitely worth a listen! (The Strong Bad interview starts about halfway through the podcast.)

Speaking of press, if you still need to be convinced that Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner is a game worth playing, here's a crash course on the first hour of gameplay, thanks to Crispy Gamer. Oh, and we found out today that Homestar Ruiner is #1 on the WiiWare charts for the third week in a row. Woo!

*Coming soon to PC and WiiWare!


PAX: Live from the show floor

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

PAX is winding down (only four hours left!) and all is well. It seems like nearly everyone walking around the show is sporting a Strong Bad or Sam & Max

pin, the Enforcers once again kept us stocked with water and amazingly helpful offers to help out, and we've all memorized every video playing at our

booth (and the three adjoining booths). Nick played some Left4Dead, embarassed himself at Rock Band 2, and apparently won a t-shirt or something in a

contest. We got a bunch of DeathSpank shirts from the Hothead guys. Daniel and Chuck spoke at panels about writing and art in games. Our booth was


We've been posting photos to flickr like crazy, so for a look around the show, be sure to check out Doug's, Nick's, Seg's, and my PAX


Possibly best of all, though, our "Make a Scene With Telltale" panel went off without a hitch. We brought along a few PCs running copies of the Telltale

Tool, filled a room with Strong Bad and Telltale fans, and through a carefully concocted mixture of meticulous planning and a lot of excited amused

yelling, wrote, voiced, and produced a short SBCG4AP scene in under an hour. Lots of folks were there (we filled the room -- they were turning people

away!), including IGN, GameVortex -- and probably some

others which I can't load, thanks to the amazingly saturated free wifi -- but fortunately, through the new Telltale video site, you can check out the results of the panel yourself, and find out the

real reason Strong Bad wasn't able to make it to PAX...

We'll all be trickling back into the real world over the next day or two, but in the meantime, huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth or went to the panel. If you didn't make it to PAX this year, hopefully we'll see you next time!

We're off to PAX!

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

Man, the airport is empty at 5:00 in the morning.

Anyway, we're off to PAX! Today half of the group heads out to build our booth and get everything set up, and tomorrow the other half will show up to take place in Telltale's panel and enjoy the general revelry that is PAX. We'll be at booth 612 (right in front of the entrance to the exhibit hall... can't miss us!) Sam & Max and Strong Bad will be playable, we'll have merch for sale, and depending on the time of day and the amount of sleep we got the night before, we may even engage in intelligent conversation.

If you're in Seattle, come see us! And you'll definitely want to check out our panel, "Make a Scene with Telltale: The Strong Bad Edition," which is at 7:30 on Friday in the Raven Theater. Unfortunately the internet is thwarting my attempts to post the panel description here, and my flight is about to board, but trust me, it'll be awesome.

Behind the Booth: The making of... our booth.

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames


PAX, the Penny Arcade Expo, is coming up this weekend, and we'll be there. In a booth.

PAX has quickly become our favorite show of the year. From the engaged show attendees who actually know who we are and play our games, to our now annual "Make a Scene with Telltale" panel, to what is probably the most cordial and generally awesome expo security force in the world (Seriously, last year they came by and gave us water and soft drinks on a regular basis. This is amazing.), PAX is my friend. Anyone who loves any type of gaming should probably go. You won't regret it.

Anyway, the booth! We have one this year, and it is ridiculous. Last week a few of us got together in a warehouse to try and put the booth together once, as a test. Fortunately, it looks great. Unfortunately, the fully assembled booth won't be something we can show you until PAX starts on Friday -- in the grand tradition of all Telltale trade show coverage, our camera totally failed the moment we got the booth all the way built, and started taking photos of nothing but blackness.

We documented the actual assembly process, and some of the art, though, and thought you might want to see it. So, without further ado, here are a bunch of pictures of us putting together some sort of crazy wood and aluminum contraption that will be our PAX booth.[readmore]


Working together: Emily and Doug bolt together the roof to one of the four piers that will support the booth and house the demo machines.


Pointing or touching or something: If Michelangelo built booths. I guess.


Lifting heavy things: Emily, Rachel (the designer of the booth), and Nick raise one of the four piers.


Demo-tastic: These platforms will support the screens, mice, and controllers for our six demo stations.


Sometimes my arms bend back: The middle of the booth is draped in some classy Telltale-red fabric.


Huge art! Pretend these are seven feet high.


A falcon! Some more mockups for the huge booth artwork.


Secret shame! Here's where the camera started to die, right when the whole thing was really coming together. As you can tell, though, it's looking cool.


The search for fact... not truth: The booth packs down into three custom-built crates, all of which look like they should really hold a haunted sarcophagus or haunted urn or something else that is haunted.


Defacing property: When you have a bunch of huge wooden crates, it's nearly impossible to resist spray painting some stenciled text on there.


Impossible to resist: This was also required.

That's it for now. We'll have a little more about PAX right before we head out at the end of the week, and we'll try to post some photos from the show, like we did at Comic-Con. Until then, enjoy those pictures! See you in Seattle.

Thanks to Marie Kare for taking most of these pictures!

Strong Badia the Free! SBCG4AP episode 2 screens and trailer.

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

imageWe've posted some new screenshots, and the official teaser trailer, for Strong Bad episode 2: Strong Badia the Free. "When Strong Bad fails to obey the King of Town's totally unfair email tax, he's placed under house arrest. Once freed from his wrongful imprisonment, Strong Bad goes on a mission to unite the local warring factions under the Strong Badian flag."

Go over to the site and check it out! Strong Badia the Free hits PC and WiiWare this September.

Behind the Bad: The Making of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

Surely you've been reading Strong Bad's dev blog, in which the masked star of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People offers his insights about the game development process. Now we're taking you even deeper into the intriguing world of episodic game design with Behind the Bad, a series of short documentaries that pulls back the curtain to reveal exactly what it is we do around here...

Thanks to our friends at G4 for helping to promote Behind the Bad!

The Strong Bad reviews are in!

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames


In theater, there is a tradition of staying up all night after a premiere, anxiously awaiting the reviews that will hit in the next morning's paper. It would be romantic to say that's what happened with the Strong Bad reviews (and after all the sugar on Monday, we certainly had enough jittery energy to stay up all night!), but the internet is a living beast, and the reviews have been rolling in all week with no sign of stopping. And guess what? They're pretty damn good! (Not to mention that, as WiiWare-World announced yesterday, Homestar Ruiner is currently the #1 game on WiiWare...)

Here is some of the awesome praise we've been seeing for Homestar Ruiner, the premiere episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People:

N-Europe, 9/10

SBCG4AP is virtual proof that the point-and-click adventure game is alive and well, and still extremely fun and rewarding to play. This is one of the funniest and best Wii games released to date, period. And the best? There's still four more installments to come starting with Strong Badia the Free next month. Bring. It. On.

Wired Game|Life Blog, 8/10

I had a great time just walking around and clicking on things just to see what happened, as exploration is always rewarded with, at least, a witty remark from Strong Bad. The 3-D graphics replicate the 2-D Flash animation surprisingly well -- it's as if you're playing an episode of the show. Even being familiar with Telltale's work, I was genuinely surprised at just how much content is packed into this first episode.

[readmore]4 Color Rebellion, 8/10

Homestar Ruiner is another top notch adventure game from the boys and girls at Telltale. It is obvious that the developers put a lot of thought into how to refine the experience for WiiWare, and the user interface alone should position Strong Bad as the template for future Wii adventure games. The extra love and attention that Telltale has put into the title is just the icing on an already delicious cake.

Nintendo Wii Fanboy, 8.5/10

In the end, the first episode of Telltale's game based on the email-checking dude is quite fun and an excellent piece of fan service to folks that love the universe here. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll kick The Cheat into the dryer like a million times. So, if you enjoy point-and-click adventures or the whole Homestar Runner thing, then be sure to give this a download.

Hardcore Gamer Magazine Online, 4.5/5

The game looks very crisp, and Telltale did a fantastic job of taking Homestar from two dimensions to three. ... The puzzles themselves are interesting and engaging, clever enough to keep the player on their toes but not so difficult that they leave the player frustrated and unable to solve them.

IGN, 8.1/10

Telltale's first episodic Homestar effort is a decent point-and-click game, but its real allure is the peculiar brand of humor fans of the show have come to love. It is obvious Homestar creators Matt and Mike Chapman have been heavily involved in Strong Bad's Cool Game and this is not a cheap cash-in on the license., "Buy it!"

For an episodic release, I am taken aback by how much content Telltale crammed into Homestar Ruiner. Completing the story takes something like 3-6 hours by itself depending on your knowledge of adventure games and how much time you spend taking in all of the dialogue trees with each character, and on top of that are all sorts of cool Easter eggs and side activities to discover.


The story is paced well, the puzzles are never frustrating, the interface is simplified to the point of idiot-proof. It's one of the most accessible titles on the market. Homestar fans who've never played a game in their life should be able to get from beginning to end without any bumps in the road — and that's good, because this game seems like an opportunity to bring people on board who shy away from gaming. Everybody loves Strong Bad., 8.8/10

It's pretty rare you get a game that someone is really happy to just sit and watch you play while you furiously work your way through it for review. But through out reviewing Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People: Homestar Ruiner, I wasn't alone in hysterical fits of laughter as we maneuvered Strong Bad on his awesome adventure. We've all been pretty excited about Strong Bad, and throughout the first play through I had at least one person watching, with four people gathered around the TV at one point. If that's not a good example of why a game is awesome, I don't know what is.

Games32, 87%

The game brings loads of fun, both for the fans of the comics and the newcomers. Because the puzzles usually don't require a lot of brainstorming, you just need to sit back and prepare for a good laugh.

GamePro Arcade, 4.75/5

"Homestar Ruiner" is an impressive opening episode. Strong Bad is off to a great start.

Zentendo, 8/10

Wii owners should consider themselves lucky that and Telltale games have given the Wii a bizzare yet awesome game series. It is well worth the investment and can be enjoyed by just about anyone without being dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. If you are a long time fan of the cartoon, consider it a 9.


If you're a Homestar Runner fan, you already believed you needed this game, and you were right. For everyone else, I definitely recommend giving SBCG4AP a whirl. You'll have no idea why you’re laughing at first, but then it'll dawn on you — you are laughing. Welcome to the fold, my friends.

But wait, there's more! Of course, there are many more reviews out there... more than I can keep track of, honestly. (If you sent a link and I didn't include it here, I'm sorry!) Bottom line is, we're thrilled at the good reception, and can't wait to bring you episode two. And three... and four... and five........

Homestar Ruiner is here! (And boy, is it yummy!)

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

Fact: The best thing about launch days is all the food people bring in.


While we're enjoying these sinfully yummy cupcakes (thanks, Mrs. Darin!), YOU can be enjoying Homestar Ruiner. That's right! The wait is over. The Strong Bad series premiere is here. Life is good.

Three ways to get Homestar Ruiner:

  • Buy it for PC! Just head over to our online store and choose between the $8.95 single episode or the $34.95 season bundle.

  • Buy it for Wii! This handy guide will tell you exactly what to do.

  • Check out the demo! If you're the type who likes to dip your toes in before taking the plunge, the Homestar Ruiner demo is exactly what you need.

If you happen to get stuck while playing, be sure to check out the game's official walkthrough. And don't forget to stop by the forums and let us know what you think.

Give the gift of pseudorandom characters!

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

Good news! We've updated our store to allow you to give any downloadable game as a gift. Just add a game to your cart as usual, and you'll see a checkbox marked "I'm buying this game as a gift for someone else". Checking that is all it takes! At the end of checkout, you'll get a code you can give to the lucky recipient in the manner of your choosing. They can then redeem that code for their game.


August 11th - Holy Crap!

Posted on August 2008 by TelltaleGames

Alright so, hey guys! It seems that everyone in the world has been wondering when the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People will be released on PC and WiiWare. We're happy to report that we actually know!

Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner will be released for PC and WiiWare on Monday, August 11th!

Also, because we love you, we're opening up the store for Strong Bad Season Pass Pre-Orders! (Pre-order is just for the PC folks. Wii customers will have to wait 'til Monday to buy the episode fresh from the Wii Shop.)

To get ready for the imminent release, we've completely reworked the SBCG4AP website, with a new awesome videos section, updated information on the first episode, a new spiffier home for Strong Bad's official Dev Blog, an updated page for Wii customers, telling you how WiiWare works so you'll be prepared come next Monday. There are more surprises in the works as well!

It's the very least he could do

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Today's update comes courtesy of Derwin, from our forums. He has created what may be the world's tiniest tribute to Sam & Max. An impressive achievement, no?

Perhaps I should let him explain:

"I work in a microfabrication facility at my university, and I decided to make what I believe is the worlds smallest (as of now) tribute to Sam and Max. For a sense of scale, the average width of a human hair is supposedly 80 microns (thanks Wikipedia!)... while the Max head seen in the attached picture is 50 microns tall by 45 microns wide. The image was taken under the 50x setting on the microscope we have in the lab. I could have potentially made them smaller, but I felt that Max's nose was already pushing it at somewhere around 2-4 microns tall."

Announcing Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Anyone who has visited the front page, visited the forums, or read the article by the Associated Press knows by know that we're making a Wallace & Gromit game... and now you do too! Yep, this time the dog's naked.

We're pleased to announce Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, the next episodic series from Telltale! We'll be spilling a bit of info at our Comic-Con panel this Saturday, but the real stuff starts pouring in on Monday, when the full announcement and the real Wallace & Gromit site goes up.

So for now, dive into the discussion in the forums, check out our Comic-Con news right here in the blog, and start counting the days until Monday! (Four days.)

Introducing the Sam & Max Season Two Collector's DVD!

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames


You may have known in the back of your mind that this was coming, but that doesn't change how exciting it is that it's finally here!

We have just added the Sam & Max Season Two Collector's DVD to the store, along with some other new Season Two merch and a whole bunch of money-saving bundles. If you're already a Sam & Max Season Two customer, you can get this DVD for just the cost of shipping. Otherwise, it costs the standard $34.95 and comes with free downloadable copies of the games, so you can start playing while you're waiting for your disc to arrive in the mail. This baby is crammed with special features, so take a look at the Collector's DVD page and try to keep from drooling on your keyboard. We know, it's tough.

Also added to the store today: the Season Two soundtrack and case file, a new print based on the DVD cover art, and Jerry Logas and the Reunion Band, a jazz CD that also happens to be the soundtrack for Telltale Texas Hold'em!

You can see samples of some of the Collector's DVD video on the Sam & Max page.

UPDATE: Also, IGN's got a rundown of the video content here.

Comic-Con in glorious Scott-O-Vision!

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Well, it's Tuesday, and that means Emily, Scott, and David are off to San Diego to enjoy the beaches and sunlight in the traditional geek manner... by staying indoors for a comic convention!

But don't fear, homebound Telltalians! You can live the Comic-Con dream vicariously through Scott's cell phone, as he'll be keeping us updated on all sorts of things that amuse him via his Flickr account. Prepare to learn what amuses Scott, and quake with fear! Also, there's an RSS feed.

Subscribe to our newsletter, get a free game!

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Sorry, it's still not the announcement you've been waiting for, but we've come up with a little surprise to help ease the pain while you're waiting... a full game from Sam & Max Season Two that you can play for free!

Signing up to get updates from Telltale is already a good idea because it means you'll get instant notification when, for example, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People launches, or we when announce our secret mystery franchise.

To sweeten the deal a little, between now and July 31, when you sign up to receive updates from us, we'll send you a gift code to get Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa completely and totally free! If you're new to the whole Telltale experience, this is a great way to find out what we're all about while you're waiting for our next big news to be announced...

Don't delay! Just head over to the subscriptions page, type in your email address, and you'll be playing Sam & Max in a matter of minutes. (Of course, if you've played Ice Station Santa already, we hope you'll share your free gift with a friend!)

Telltale at Comic-Con 2008

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

imageAs we have in years past, Telltale will be dragging a whole crew down to San Diego for Comic-Con in a few weeks. The Comic-Con schedule has finally been released, which means we can let you in on our plans for the show!

First and foremost, we'll be at booth 5365 all weekend long with Sam & Max and the first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People playable on the Wii. We'll also be selling much of the merchandise we carry in our store, plus we'll be unveiling the brand spanking new Sam & Max Season Two DVD! Be the first on your block to own one!

As if that's not enough, this year loyal Telltale fans have not one, not two, but THREE panels to look forward to. Each a little different, all very special. C'mon, you know you want to sit in the front row. Wearing your Max & Crossbones shirt. And hat. Don't worry, we won't laugh.

Spotlight on Steve Purcell, Thursday July 24, 1:00-2:00

Join Sam & Max creator—and Eisner Award winner and Comic-Con special guest—Steve Purcell on a visual tour from his first scratchy Sam & Max strips through his career as an illustrator, game designer, and concept artist to his current role as a Pixar storyteller. Q&A to follow. Room 2

Episodic Games: Rewriting the Adventure Genre, Thursday July 24, 4:30-5:30

With the first installment of Penny Arcade Adventures launched, the season finale of Sam & Max Season Two in the bag, and the recent debut of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, episodic adventure gaming has emerged as a viable new medium for interactive entertainment. Learn about episodic storytelling, adapting the humor and gameplay of the traditional adventure genre for a new generation of gamers, and the challenges of both as Joel DeYoung (Hothead Games), Arthur We (Hothead Games), Dan Connors (Telltale Games), and Dave Grossman (Telltale Games) sound off in this panel and Q&A session moderated by Frank Cifaldi (GameTap). Room 3

Sam & Max, Strong Bad, and the Secrets Behind Turning Comics into Games, Saturday July 26, 11:30-12:30

Sam & Max may have their roots in indy comics, but the crime-fighting duo is right at home starring in a successful series of episodic games. The cast of the popular web cartoons are following suit this summer in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Why do comics make for such great games? Telltale designers Mark Darin, Chuck Jordan, and Mike Stemmle, artist Mai Nguyen, and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell will tell you all about the fun (and work) of bringing comics to life. Plus, get a first look at a third, completely new episodic game series! Room 4

Signing with Steve Purcell @ Telltale's Booth 5365, Saturday July 26, 12:30-2:00

Steve will be at our booth signing schwag, posing for pictures, and chatting about whatever it is you may want to chat about, Sam & Max-related or otherwise. We'll have games, posters, and Surfin' the Highway in both paperback and limited edition hardcover versions for sale! (Rumor has it Steve will also be signing at the Shout Factory booth on Friday at 11:00, if you can't make it to the Saturday signing.)

Please post a comment and let us know if you're going to be in San Diego! And for those who can't make it, we'll be sure to take lots of pictures (note to self: don't lose/break the camera this year) and post some blogs during the weekend to let you know how it's going...

The update you've been waiting for

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Okay, maybe this isn't the update you've been waiting for, but it's an update, and we know you've been waiting!

It occurred to me today that it's been a while since we let you guys in on what we're up to. Lest you think that's because we're slacking off on the beach, I assure you, it's because we're all really busy doing stuff that you'll be thankful for later on. Like what? Oh, stuff like planning for Comic-Con, where there will be a signing with Steve and plenty of hands-on time with Sam & Max Wii and Strong Bad for people who attend the show, and rambling blogs so those of you who aren't attending can live vicariously through our sleep deprived haze. We're doing panels at Comic-Con, too... the schedule hasn't been announced yet, but as soon as it is, we'll clue you in! We've also got the Season Two DVD and some other new merchandise coming to the store soon, so woo!

On top of this, we're making some games! Sam & Max for the Wii has reached the stage where the Wii fairy touches it with her wand and, with a poof of magical sparkles, it turns into a real live game on store shelves. (Watch for it at retail this fall!) Then there's Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People... just because we're not talking about it doesn't mean we're not working on it! A lot of people have been asking us about the release date, and you can rest easy that as soon as we know when the game will launch, we'll pass the details on to you. Don't forget, the WiiWare and PC releases of SBCG4AP will be simultaneous! Everyone wins!

We're also plugging away on our super secret, not yet announced game series and it's coming along swimmingly. We should be able to spill some details pretty soon, which is good, because this game looks too good to keep it a secret much longer. (Okay, fine, you want a hint? It's a pretty big franchise, and one I bet none of you are expecting...)

So yeah, lots going on around here, and it's time for me to quit gabbing and get back to doing my job. Whatever happened to taking summers off?

This is why we can't have nice things

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

As some of you may have noticed, we are currently hiring for a concept artist. In anticipation of this presumably awesome person who will someday work for us, I found myself placing an order for a 21 inch Wacom Cintiq tablet. Once the deliveryman left us our new toy, I set it up on an empty desk and walked away, brushing the dirt from my hands with a smug sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, a number of other people in the office realized that they could use this unattended toy to actually draw things on. Begrudgingly, I present to you, our fine readers, the results of leaving a tablet out in the office for a week.

image image image image

Daniel Herrera Jake Rodkin Kevin Bruner Mai Nguyen
image image image image
Seg + Guest Nick Herman Pete Aleman Pete Aleman
image image image image
Shaun Finney Jason Findley ??? ???
image image image image
??? ??? ??? ???
image image image image
KC Coleman, staying late at work supervising the awesomeness that is Sam & Max Wii

We're having a CRAZY hat sale!

Posted on July 2008 by TelltaleGames

Update: Hats are no longer crazy! They have returned to their former non-crazy price. Of course, you can still buy one if you'd like.


Let me guess. You've always wanted one of those gorgeous Flaming Max hats that we sell in our store, but you just can't bring yourself to shell out $15.99 for it (even though $15.99 is an incredibly reasonable price for such a finely-crafted piece of merchandise).

Well, have we got a deal for you! For a limited time, get this hat for just $9.99. That's 37.5% off the regular price! The same as what you'd pay for a blockbuster movie! A much better deal than filling up your car with gas! (*sob*)

When asked for the reasoning behind this crazy hat sale, Telltale CEO Dan Connors replied, "It's summer. People need hats." Wiser words were never spoken.

So act now, or risk missing the deal of a lifetime! Heck, why not buy the green one AND the black one?! And throw some other stuff in your cart at the same time to save on shipping! The possibilities are endless!!

This sale will last through the weekend or until we run low on hats, whichever comes first. Don't delay! If you miss out on this once in a lifetime offer, your crazy head will never forgive you.

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