Playing Dead Episode 4 Ready For Your Consumption

Posted on May 2012 by TelltaleGames

As we prepare for the second episode of our game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead and lead into E3 (just two weeks away), we've unleashed a brand-spankin' new episode of Playing Dead for you to feast upon! 

In Playing Dead: Episode 4, The Walking Dead designers Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin chat about some spoilery details from Episode 1 of the game and let slip a bit about what's coming in Episode 2 - Starved for Help

So get to watching Playing Dead: Episode 4 now! 

The Walking Dead Sells a Million Episodes

Posted on May 2012 by TelltaleGames

Much like a herd of walkers, The Walking Dead, our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series of the same name, powers on! In just two weeks, the game series has sold a million episodes and received critical acclaim from the press! 

The Walking Dead has topped the charts on XBox Live and Steam, and just a few days ago was named the number four selling game on PlayStation Network in April (with less than a week in the wild that month)! Fans and critics alike have been enjoying (is that the right word?) making the difficult and sometimes gut-wrenching decisions Episode 1 has called for, and you can expect to be doing more of that in Episode 2 - coming in June.

We'd like to say thank you to the fans - without you, the success of The Walking Dead would not be possible! 

Have you played The Walking Dead yet? 

Tales of Monkey Island Gets a Visual Upgrade on iPhone

Posted on May 2012 by TelltaleGames

Guybrush Threepwood and his friends have never looked better on the iPhone as a visual update for Tales of Monkey Island has just set sail. The full season has been visually upgraded with Retina support (on iPhone 4 and 4S) - facing off with LeChuck looks crystal clear! 

The difference between the previous version and the upgraded version is clear (as evidenced in the images above)! Also, now's a great time to get into the classic Telltale series on iPhone as, for a limited time, Episode 1 is free and Episodes 2-5 are just $2.99 each - 40% off their regular price! 

Get the visually upgraded Tales of Monkey Island on iPhone now! 

The Walking Dead - Episode 1: Top Selling XBLA Title Last Week

Posted on May 2012 by TelltaleGames

The apocalypse has begun - and it's taking hold at a rapid pace! Xbox Live's Major Nelson, in his most recent weekly "LIVE Activity for the Week" post, reports that The Walking Dead - Episode 1 was the top selling Xbox Live Arcade title last week! 

We're very proud that our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic series is up there with some other incredible titles; it couldn't have happened without the fans! 

Are you among the first to have played The Walking Dead - Episode 1? What choices did you make in your playthrough, or playthroughs? Share your decisions in the comments! 

Thanks again for helping make The Walking Dead a hit!

The Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space Complete Your Collection Sale

Posted on May 2012 by TelltaleGames

Hear ye, hear ye! The unflinching and unstoppable canine and lagomorph duo's adventures have taken the iOS by storm and we think there's no time like the present to get your hands on the award-winning series! That's why we've initiated the Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space Complete Your Collection Sale! 

What's the Complete Your Collection Sale you ask? Well, for a limited time, snatch up the first episode of Beyond Time and Space, Ice Station Santa, for zero dollars and zero cents and round out your supply of Sam & Max by nabbing the subsequent episodes for just $2.99 each! That's 40% off each episode's regular price! 

Borrowing from another one of the franchises we work on (a gold star to anyone that guesses it right), make like a tree and get outta' secure your episodes of Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space on iOS before it's too late! 

First Episode of The Walking Dead Seeing Great Critical Acclaim!

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames

The Walking Dead is out of the gate on PC, MAC, Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network, and the critics are already getting behind the first episode of the season, 'A New Day,' with high praise!

Early critical response to Telltale’s first episode of the series has gathered an intensely positive reaction from gaming critics across the web.  In their review, awarded the episode an Editors' Choice nod, saying, “’A New Day’ is one of Telltale’s finest games,” also stating, “...This is a deeply personal and emotional experience, and that’s why it feels so right as a part of this franchise.  The site continued to claim, “…The Walking Dead Episode one has just about everything fans could want.”

Other critics also continued their praise, with Official Xbox Magazine also awarding the episode an Editors' Choice with a 9 out of 10, saying the episode was, “Slam-bang entertainment,” adding that, “Everything just feels right” with its “Striking art style and cinematic presentation.” 

Gaming site Polygon also gave the game an impressive 9 out of 10, saying, "With choices that matter and intensity to spare, Telltale Games delivers one of its best efforts to date." They continued to say, "...the first episode of The Walking Dead held me in as I was thrown from one story-twisting, heart-stopping conflict to another, disaster threatening if I looked away from the screen even for a moment." The reviewer also claimed the episode was, " of the most intese gaming experiences in my recent memory," and that, "So many games have teased a truly "interactive" narrative, but I can think of none that have delivered this well.

To kick off the launch of the first episode this week, Telltale games also released an all-new trailer, focusing in on the story of Lee Everett as he begins his chance at redemption in the first episode amid a world over-ridden by an undead apocalypse bringing out both the brightest and the darkest sides of humanity.

Check back soon for more details on The Walking Dead and also, don't miss our exclusive content and giveaways on GameTrailers, as we've been chosen as the official Game of the Week!


Red Hot Season Finale of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space – Out Now on iOS

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames


Sam & Max go toe to hoof with the prince of darkness in Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space: Episode 5 - What's New, Beelzebub? - out now on iOS!

Judgement day is at hand, and it's time for a showdown with the guy downstairs to bargain for Bosco's soul. But in the corporate wasteland known as Hell not even the Freelance Police are safe from etertnal damnation. Can Sam & Max fight free from Satan's grasp, or have they reached the end of the line?

Players on iPhone and iPad can grab the new episode of the classic Sam & Max adventure (a universal app) for just $4.99 - find it in the iTunes App Store!


Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 4 Now Searching for Bosco on iOS

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames


Bosco has vanished from the face of the Earth in Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space: Episode 4 - Chariots of the Dogs - out now on iOS!

Chariots of the Dogs Title Screen

Based on the best-selling addle-brained musings of noted aliends-made-all-our-stuff theorist Erich von Dannyohday, 'Chariots of the Dogs' will have Sam & Max tracking down Bosco when he disappears from the face of the Earth. What they find along the way is so mind-boggling, you'll have to see it to believe it!

Players on iPhone and iPad can grab the new episode of the classic Sam & Max adventure (a universal app) for just $4.99 - find it in the iTunes App Store!


Pre-Order The Walking Dead and Join the Cast

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames

Getting killed (twice) has never been this painless! Pre-ordering our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series The Walking Dead for PC/Mac automatically enters you for a chance to win a role in our game as a membr of the undead - with a grand-prize winner getting to be made into a human character to be delightfully murdered and re-animated...only to be killed again! 

We put friend of the company, Doug, into the game and used him as the subject of our newest video detailing the contest (above)! Find out all you need to know about pre-ordering the game and getting put into our game now at The Walking Dead's official site! 


Meet the Survivors: Glenn and Hershel

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames

The Walking Dead's release is nigh and we want to make you privy to more information about those lucky (or unlucky) enough to be alive after the world is overtaken by the undead. This time, we're profiling a duo of characters that fans of Robert Kirkman's comic book series will recognize. 


Click the images for larger versions.

Glenn is a likeable and resourceful guy that's always willing to help when he can - even at expense of his own safety. After not being able to get in touch with his family, Glenn hightails it to Atlanta where he will one day meet Rick Grimes. 

Hershel is an old-fashioned man that's suspicious of outsiders and skeptical of the reports that the world has fallen to the undead. He's a little hard to read, but holds his family and their well-being close to heart. Hershel, and his farm, will bear witness to a series of events that affect the lives of many others. 

Want to join the ranks of the game's cast? You'll want to pre-order The Walking Dead for PC/Mac now to be entered for a chance to win a part in the game...only for us to kill you off and become a member of the undead...and kill you again! (Pre-Order Now)

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about The Walking Dead, coming soon! 

Meet The Walking Dead Survivors: Lee and Clementine

Posted on April 2012 by TelltaleGames

The Walking Dead's launch on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Mac is creeping closer and we want you to get to know some of the unfortunate souls that live in the world after the dead rise from the grave. 


First up is Lee Everett. Lee hails from Macon, Georgia but finds himself in Atlanta (on the way out actually) as he's being transported to prison. Lee's life took a turn for the worst after being convicted of murdering the man that had been getting a little too close to his wife. Lee's a strong yet pensive man that will fight hard when it comes to that.

Clementine comes from a loving family. She's smart and can hold her own if necessary - known to spend hours building elaborate make-believe tales in her treehouse rather than watch cartoons or play with dolls. She's a brave little one but closes up if she gets scared. Clementine is a girl of substance, letting her actions speak louder than her words.

Stay tuned for more updates and information about our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic series The Walking Dead coming soon!

The Law & Order: Legacies Season Finale is Now Available on iOS and PC [Updated]

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

It's time to hear Law & Order: Legacies' closing arguments as the series finale, Episode 7: Resolution, is now available on iOS! Fans of the game series based on NBCUniversal's Emmy-winning TV show can finally find out what happens to Rey Curtis, Olivia Benson, Jack McCoy and all the rest of the game's all-star cast! Update: Now available on PC and Mac too!

In Law & Order: Legacies - Episode 7: Resolution, a New York City businessman is seen being pushed off of a bridge to his death during an anti-Wall Street protest (sounds like a "ripped from the headlines" story to me). Questions are raised when a suicide note mentioning a number of key pieces of evidence in the series' overaching plotline is found on his body. 

It's time to finish the season! Law & Order: Legacies - Episode 7: Resolution is now available via in-app purchase as an individual episode for $2.99 or as part fo the Episode 2-7 multi-pack bundle ($12.99 for 6 episodes, a 30% savings over individual episode purchase!). Episode 1 is still free for a limited time, so be sure to head over to the iTunes App Store to grab it if you haven't already! 

Check Out Playing Dead Episode 3 Featuring Robert Kirkman and First Extended Gameplay

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

Patient 0 in the undead outbreak that is The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, took some time to chat with us during last month's Image Comics Expo for the third episode of Playing Dead - now available for your viewing pleasure!

Robert Kirkman touches on what it's been like to work with the Telltale Team on our upcoming game based on his award-winning comic series and how our game captures the look of the monthly series about the world after the undead rise from the grave! 

Episode 3 of Playing Dead also gives you the first extended look at gameplay from The Walking Dead - this is an episode you do not want to miss! 

Pre-Order The Walking Dead And Enter For a Chance to Let Us Kill You

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

Pre-orders for our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series The Walking Dead have come to life! Pre-ordering at Telltale has always had its privelages and it's no different this time, though we're doing something a little bigger for this one! For the first time ever we're giving someone the opportunity to actually appear in our we can kill you off! 

A grand prize winner will be put into an episode of our The Walking Dead game as a human character and murdered gruesomely - only to be resurrected as a member of the undead and put down once and for all! Pre-ordering the full season of The Walking Dead for PC/Mac via the Telltale Games Store enters you into this deadly contest! For all the contest details, head over to our The Walking Dead pre-order page!

As well as being entered for a chance to be in The Walking Dead, pre-ordering the full-season pass nets you access to the pre-order exclusive Insider Forums where you can chat with the game's developers now and as the season goes on as well as get 10% off the season's full price - bringing the full season down to $22.49! 

If you're really ravenous for Telltale's brains, if you pre-order The Walking Dead, for just $20 more you can get our "almost everything" pack which includes the full seasons of Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Hector, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Sam & Max Seasons 1-3 and Puzzle Agent 1 and 2! That's a deal to die for!  

Be sure to get your pre-order for The Walking Dead in and enter for a chance to join the cast of the game, get access to the exclusive Insider Forums, and get the full-season for 10% off! 

Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space Episode 3 Dances Onto iOS

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

The Freelance Police are back at it in Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space: Episode 3 - Night of the Raving Dead - out now on iOS! 

Sam & Max face their most deceased dilemma yet as they journey to the zombie-infested city of Stuttgart, Germany! The tenacious twosome must work tirelessly to get to the bottom of the macabre machinations of an emo vampire...if they hope to have any chance of surviving his dance party for the dead. 

Players on iPhone and iPad can grab the new episode of the classic Sam & Max adventure (a universal app) for just $4.99 - find it in the iTunes App Store!


See The Walking Dead Debut Trailer Now

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

The horde of the undead is on the move! The debut trailer for our game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic series The Walking Dead has been unleashed on IGN's weekly Up at Noon show! 

We tapped Daniel Kanemoto, creator of the fan-made title sequence to The Walking Dead television series that made the rounds before the series premiered, to craft this piece alongside our team! Have a look at Daniel's The Walking Dead intro now (LINK)!

We wanted the trailer to touch on how our game's look and feel is truly the comic book come to life! You'll notice a bit of in-game footage at the end of the trailer - you'll be getting an extended look at the game in motion very soon - stay tuned! 

What did you think of the first trailer for The Walking Dead? Let's hear it in the comments

See the First The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer - Debut Trailer Coming Monday

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

Your first glimpse at our upcoming game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic series The Walking Dead is here! Check out the eerie video that walks you through an environment from the game and gives you a glimpse into what life is like after the dead rise from the grave!  

What did you think of the chilling teaser? Is someone in the treehouse? 

You'll want to tune into IGN's Up at Noon show this Monday to catch the world-premiere debut of our The Walking Dead trailer! You do not want to miss this! Get all the details here: LINK

Vote for Telltale in The Escapist 2012 Developer Showdown [Updated]

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

It's March, and for college hoops fans it means March Madness but the folks at The Escapist have made something for video game fans too - the annual Developer Showdown. Each year, fans vote for their favorite video game studio in a battle to the end and this year Telltale Games faces off against Harmonix in the first round of the tourney!

The tournament's winners are dictated by fans so if you think Telltale Games should be the top dog in this year's contest we'll need your votes! Head over to The Escapist's 2012 March Mayhem Developer Showdown page and fill out out your bracket then return from March 8-10 to cast your lot with your favorite developers for the first round of voting! We love our friends at Harmonix, but right now - this means war! 

So get those tournament brackets filled out and make sure to get your votes in! 

UPDATE: We've made it to round 2 of the tournament and we're up against Infinity Ward! Get your round 2 votes in now!

Playing Dead Episode 2 Featuring Gary Whitta Now Available

Posted on March 2012 by TelltaleGames

The dead have returned! The second episode of Playing Dead, the talk show developer diary series about our upcoming The Walking Dead game is out today - this entry featuring The Book of Eli screenwriter Gary Whitta, story consultant on our game!   

Whitta, along with one of the game's lead designers Sean Vanaman, dig deep into the art of expanding Robert Kirkman's rich The Walking Dead universe in video game form. Decision making and the consequences of choices made by the player through the course of the game affect the game's overarching story are touched upon as well. This is an episode no fan of The Walking Dead can miss. Head over to the official The Walking Dead website to watch the episode now! 

In addition to the new episode of Playing Dead, we've released some new screenshots from the game, one of which is pictured above! Check the rest of the newly unleashed images after the break here! [readmore]

The new episode of Playing Dead is available right now on the official The Walking Dead game website now - shamble over to watch it now. The next episode of Playing Dead, coming soon, features The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman an we'll reveal the game in action for the very first time! The first place to see it will be the game's official site, be sure to tune in! 

The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Stopped By To Chat at Image Expo

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

The first Image Comics Expo, a comic convention devoted to all-things Image, took place this weekend in Oakland, California and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was on hand to film an upcoming episode of our Playing Dead video series! He chatted with host AJ Locascio about our game based on The Walking Dead and gave some insight into the process of collaborating with our team. You'll have to tune into an upcoming episode of Playing Dead to see the whole thing! 

Telltale Is a Hit at the 2011 Aggie Awards

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

The envelope, please. It's time again for the annual Adventure Gamers Aggie Awards and a couple of Telltale's titles from last year have been awarded with prizes and mentions! 

First up, Back to the Future: The Game took home the year's Best Music award with Jared Emerson-Johnson's score earning praise from the Adventure Gamers staff for its evolution of the themes from Alan Silvestri's work on the classic film series. Sprinkling some Huey Lewis and the News into the game didn't hurt either.

Jurassic Park: The Game also claimed the award for Best Sound Effects! The team strove to recreate the atmosphere of watching the Jurassic Park films in the theater and having a rich soundscape of dinosaur growls and roars is a key part of that. 

Some of our games were also named runners-up in this year's Aggie Awards! They include: 

Runners Up - Editors' Choice

Best Writing - Comedy: Hector Badge of Carnage - Episodes 2 and 3

Best Character - Doc Brown (Back to the Future: The Game)

Best Setting - Back to the Future: The Game

Best Voice Acting - Back to the Future: The Game

Best Sound Effects - Back to the Future: The Game


Runners Up - Readers' Choice

Best Writing - Comedy: Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episodes 2 and 3

Best Character - Hector (Hector: Badge of Carnage)

Best Voice Acting - Back to the Future: The Game

Best Traditional Adventure - Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episodes 2 and 3


Head over to Adventure Gamers now to get the full award write-ups for Back to the Future: The Game and Jurassic Park: The Game and see what else won in 2011's wide world of adventure games!

Complete Your Monkey Island Tales iPhone and iPad Collection - Episode 1 Free

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

Avast ye mateys! The release of Monkey Island Tales - Episode 5: Rise of the Pirate God for iPhone is nearly upon us (it's coming very soon) and to celebrate we've set Episode 1 for iPhone and iPad free for a limited time! That's not all though, we've made completing your Monkey Island Tales collection all the easier - Episodes 2-5 on iPhone and iPad are just $2.99 each for a limited time! Episode 5 for iPhone will be included in the merriment when it hits the iTunes App Store! 

There's not been a better opportunity for fans of the award-winning Tales of Monkey Island series to get the full saga on-the-go - complete your collection now!

Episode 1 - iPhone - iPad

Episode 2 - iPhone - iPad

Episode 3 - iPhone - iPad

Episode 4 - iPhone - iPad

Episode 5 - iPhone (Coming Soon) - iPad

Hail to the Chief! Max Elected Worst Video Game President By a Landslide

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

Running a country isn't an easy job but somebody's got to do it - in this case Max, one half of the famous Freelance Police! Commander in chief Max was just named the worst president in video games by the fine folks at GamesRadar in honor of Presidents Day, beating out some truly sinister characters even including a zombie! 

Max may be responsible for saving the world many times over but that doesn't mean he can't run a country into the ground. Head over to GamesRadar to see how the anthropomorphic rabbit-thingy beat out the competition. 

Abe Lincoln Must Die, the episode where Max becomes president is free for PC! Just direct your browser to the Abe Lincoln Must Die site to grab it! 

Learn About Telltale’s New Game Series The Walking Dead With the First Episode of Playing Dead, A Ne

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

The dead are rising! To prepare for the zombie horde, we're hunkering down with stockpiles of new content about our upcoming game: The Walking Dead. The game, based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series, is about a world devastated by an undead apocalypse and the horrifying choices you’re forced to make to survive.

As we head toward the launch of episode one of the game, we're excited to announce Playing Dead, a nine-part behind the scenes video series where our team and some special guests spill their guts about making the game. 

Hosted by AJ LoCascio, the voice of Marty McFly in Back to the Future: The Game, Playing Dead offers a closer look at what fans can look forward to in The Walking Dead, join in question and answer segments exclusive to the game's official site, and see interviews with special guests including The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Gary Whitta, screenwriter for The Book of Eli, writer for Gears of War and story consultant for our game.

If you want to be one of the first to see Playing Dead along with future episodes as they're released, head over to our official The Walking Dead website and be sure to check back over the coming days as we add more new content and information.

We've also just released more brand new in-game screenshots from the first episode of The Walking Dead and posted them just after the break - click through to see them now![readmore]

Some FAQs About The Walking Dead Game

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

We've got some answers you've been dying to hear about. We compiled a few questions from around the web that fans have had about our game based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead and answered them for you here.

See our FAQ after the break! [readmore]

•    Is this a game about Rick Grimes, the hero of the comic books and TV show?
o    No. Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) and Telltale felt that it would be more interesting to tell a story of a new group of survivors.

•    When does this game take place in The Walking Dead timeline?
o    Our first episode takes place at the outset of the zombie apocalypse when Rick Grimes is still in a coma.

•    Is this game based on the comic books or the TV show?
o    We see the comic books as canon.

•    So who do I play as?
o    You play the game as Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime, but who is offered a chance at redemption…albeit in a world overtaken by walkers. You’ll only ever play as Lee and will see the world from his point of view.

•    Will I see anything from the comic books or TV show in the game?
o    Yes. You will meet some characters and visit locations seen in the comic books. You’ll learn about characters and events that have an impact on events seen in the comics. For example, how did Hershel’s son Shawn end up in the barn? Find out in the game.

•    Does this game use Quick Time Events as the major game-play dynamic and does it prevent the player from taking direct control of the player-character like Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game?
o    No. The Walking Dead offers a completely different game-play experience to Jurassic Park. QTEs do not form a major part of game-play and you will have full control over your character as you move through the game’s environments.

•    Why is this game episodic? What does that mean?
o    Telltale has a strong history of releasing episodic games but more importantly, we wanted this game to offer an experience analogous to the comic books and TV show, which are also episodic in nature. We have plans for 5 episodes, releasing once per month.

•    How long is each episode?
o    Skilled players will get through an episode on about 2 hours.  Having episodes of this length means that most people will be able to get through them and we want that to happen. The game is not designed to present super-hard barriers and will not force you to grind through it in any way. We want you to complete an episode so that you’ll experience the story and be ready for the next episode.

•    Where will I be able to buy the game?
o    The game series is digital, meaning that you won’t be able to buy it from a retail store. The game is coming to all major gaming platforms, so, as long as you have an internet connection, it’s almost certain that you’ll have access to the game.

•    When will I see more screens and more importantly, when will I see the game in action?
o    Stay tuned for regular releases of screenshots and artwork. Every time an episode of Playing Dead goes out, you’ll see more new stuff (including the first ever look at Game-play!). Sign up on the website to be the first to find out about new episodes of Playing Dead and to get inside information on the game.

•    When will episode one of the game be available?
o    We’re saying ‘Spring’, however, episode one is right around the corner. This thing is coming fast!

•    What kind of game is this?
o    It’s an Adventure Horror game. This game will offer a different experience compared to many other zombie-based games. You won’t be mowing down hordes of the undead as a super-powered killing machine with unlimited ammo; that would not be an accurate recreation of Robert Kirkman’s world. When you do tangle with the undead, it’s going to be harrowing. That walker could be someone you once knew…or were very close to. Also, gunfire (or loud noises in general) are not good in areas where walkers could be lurking.

•    Does this game feature multiplayer?
o    No. The Walking Dead is a single-player experience.

•    Why does the game look the way it does?
o    We were inspired by the work of Charlie Adlard, artist for the comic books.

•    Is there anything unique about this game versus other Telltale games?
o    Yes. For the first time, the decisions that the player makes will drive a “tailored” game-play experience. A decision that you make or something that you say will have repercussions not only in the episode that you’re playing, but also in future episodes of the game. Decisions will range from relatively innocuous (do I lie here and if so, how should I lie?) though to world-changing (I can only save one person here, who will it be?). Furthermore, you’ll come under pressure to make decisions quickly. You won’t be able to stand around deciding which option to choose during a conversation. The undead won’t stand by and politely let you figure out your next move.

•    Telltale’s previous games have featured puzzle elements. Is that something we’ll see in The Walking Dead?
o    You’ll be challenged with problems for sure, but not classic ‘Adventure Game’ puzzles.  You’re a survivor in a zombie apocalypse…you can imagine the problems that you’ll have to deal with.

More of your questions will be answered as we lead up to the game's release in upcoming episodes of Playing Dead, be sure to stay tuned to the official The Walking Dead website. 

Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 4 Sets Sail to the iPhone

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

The seafaring escapades of Guybrush Threepwood and his friends continue on the iPhone as Tales of Monkey Island (or Monkey Island Tales as it's known there) Episode 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood is now available in the iTunes App Store!

Guybrush is in over his head as he returns to Flotsam Island after the previous episodes' adventures and is sent to trial. With the threat of a death sentence looming over his head, Guybrush must use his wits to overcome the worst threat he's ever faced - due process! 

You can grab Monkey Island Tales - Episode 4 for iPhone now for just $4.99! The previous epic episodes of Guybrush Threepwood's exploits are also available in the App Store here: 

Episode 1 - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal - LINK

Episode 2 - The Siege of Spinner Cay - LINK

Episode 3 - Lair of the Leviathan - LINK

So go save Guybrush Threepwood from the hangman's noose on iPhone now!

Back to the Future: The Game on iPad - Ep. 1 Free - Complete Your Series Now and Save 55%

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

Great scott! Through some type of temporal event that's ripped a hole in the space-time continuum, Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 1 on iPad has gone free! Also affected by this unusual time anomaly are Episodes 2-5 of the continued adventures of Doc Brown and Marty McFly - they've been altered to be just $2.99! The doc and his young companion are back in time right now working on restoring history so this sale is good for a limited time only!

There's no better time than now to get your hands on the complete series of Back to the Future: The Game on iPad, but make like a tree and get out of here so you can take advantage of this great offer! 

Law & Order: Legacies - Episode 5 Now Available on iOS

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

Fans of Law & Order: Legacies, the crime-drama based on the award-winning Law & Order TV Show, playing on the iOS have been assigned another case as Episode 5 - Ear Witness is now available via in-app purchase. If you already own the Episode 2-7 bundle Multi-Pack all you need to do is download the episode from the game's main menu. 

The New York City detectives and district attorneys have a tough on on their hands this time. When a murder's only witness is a blind boy, the investigation and the prosecution just have the boy's ability to identify the killer's voice to rely on. 

Get Episode 5 - Ear Witness for iOS now via in-app purchase for $2.99 individually or as part of the Episode 2-7 bundle Multi-Pack for $12.99 - a 30% savings from purchasing the episodes one at a time. Don't forget, Episode 1 - Revenge is currently free for a limited time - just download the Law & Order: Legacies universal app to grab it. 

Note: If you already own Law & Order: Legacies, re-start your iOS device to see the new content available for purchase. New purchasers of the Law & Order: Legacies Universal App will see this new content immediately. 

Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space Skids onto the iOS - Episode 1 Now $4.99

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

Fans of the Freelance Police can take their adventures on the go once again as Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space: Episode 1 has landed on the iOS as a universal app! You won't have to wait too long to play Episodes 2-5 though - they're coming soon! 

Along with delivering the classic Sam & Max story that takes the canine and rabbit-thingy duo from the North Pole to the Easter Islands, and beyond, each episode of the iOS version of Beyond Time and Space comes packed to the brim with new features! We've included a brand-new 3D menu interface, a full-featured sound board for you to create some crazy quotes from dialog spoken by your favorite Sam & Max characters, and a competitive version of the "Whack-da-Ratz" minigame where you can vie for the top score on the online leaderboards. 

So grab your iOS device(s) of choice and download the universal Sam & Max - Beyond Time and Space: Episode 1 app now! 

Law & Order: Legacies Episode 1 for iOS - Free For a Limited Time

Posted on February 2012 by TelltaleGames

The verdict is in and the Law & Order: Legacies universal app for iOS has been set free without bail for a limited time - get it while it's on the lam! Included in your 'Legacies' app download is the first installment in the seven episode series based on the Emmy-winning Law & Order TV show! There really is no better time to hop into the series that re-unites cast members from throughout the long-running franchise's history. 

After grabbing your free first episode of Law & Order: Legacies, make sure to nab the full-season "Multi-Pack" bundle that includes episodes 2-7 for $12.99 - a 30% savings from buying the episodes individually. The "Multi-Pack" is available via in-app purchase and is found on the Law & Order: Legacies episode select screen. You'll be able to download and play episodes 2-4 right away and automatically get access to the remaining installments as soon as they become available - very soon. 

If you've been hankering for some criminal investigation and prosecution on the go (who hasn't?), Law & Order: Legacies for the iOS is a great way to get your fill! Just be sure to grab the universal app while it's free for a limited time!

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