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Favorite Fables characters!(Round 1 Males)

Latest post by Robert Morgan

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Fables Comics: Are They Worth Reading?

Latest post by Tross88

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The Most Hated TWAU Characters (Round 4-Semifinals) (CLOSED)

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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An idea for telltale

Latest post by Arya_Stupid

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TJ's accent?

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come

Latest post by Poogers555

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Merged: A Scanner Darkly

Posted by aergistal

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Fables Movie now being rewritten by Kickass screenwriter, Jane Goldman

Latest post by Squishy Cthulhu

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I have a bit of an idea for Season 2.

Latest post by TheCatWolf

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Moved: it won't work

Posted by OzzyUK

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The Guessing Game (Fables comic version)

Latest post by Poogers555

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Hottest Female Fables Characters Round 3 THE FINAL (POLL CLOSED!)

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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Wolf Among Us deserves all the coverage its gets, which is why its on Geek Exchange...

Posted by Cipyaar

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Moved: The Forum Among Us

Posted by Blind Sniper

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What if TWAU Season 2 follows on from TWAU comic instead of Season 1?

Latest post by Tross88

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Moved: The Wolf Among Us v1.2.0 still buggy

Posted by Blind Sniper

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What year would you want season 2 to be set in?

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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Hottest Female Fables Characters Round 2 (CLOSED)

Latest post by OfficialSheriffMaybe

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TWAU intro with Constantine theme

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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The Most Hated TWAU Characters (Round 3) (CLOSED)

Latest post by armis37

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Funniest dialogue in TWAU

Latest post by Pete_Joseph_Randall

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TWAU Season 2 release date?

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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How an alternate reality could be established for Season 2

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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Remember The Fallen (TWAU)

Latest post by JJwolf

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Fables 149 Predictions

Latest post by TheLegate

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Bloody Mary is mentioned in Fables issue 148!!!!

Latest post by KCohere

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Will Snow reject Bigby before Fables ends?

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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How well do you know TWAU? (Quiz)

Latest post by NikaSnow

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Hottest TWAU Characters(Final female chararcter poll)**CLOSED**

Latest post by xiaozhengmm66

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So, that whole business with Snow White...

Latest post by Tinni

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