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Why didn't the majority do this?

Latest post by Adrian14

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Which line creeped you out?

Latest post by DomeWing333

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Vivian's Story?

Latest post by CypherPolice

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Merged: What series would you like Telltale to make a game out of?

Posted by VigilanteAP225

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I Wrote A Song About Bigby - Would you mind telling me what you think about it?

Latest post by Avengeline

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What if?!

Latest post by JonesJ

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Does Anyone Have A Reason For Why You Took The Woodman?

Latest post by PoopBrown

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Latest post by technics

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Songs that remind you about TWAU

Latest post by FairyTaleThing

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The Wolf Among Us Stops Downloading at 3.0GB/3.9GB (Steam PC Version) [SOLVED]

Latest post by ArthurMatrix

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Posted by Blind Sniper

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Do I have to rebuy?

Latest post by AhmedAli1

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After Bigby Finish Bloody Mary in Episode 5 “Cry Wolf”

Latest post by cassada

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Which is your prime suspect?

Latest post by IamNoone

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Questions about glamours

Latest post by Off_Ground

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Heavy Comic Spoiler . xxxxx resurrection

Latest post by Matrixelle

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The Wolf Among Us fanfic Wattpad

Latest post by Piggs

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Season Two Idea

Latest post by HarjKS

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I don't like this

Latest post by JonesJ

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5 Thing need in Season 2

Latest post by JonesJ

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A Fable Vacation (Summer Thread)

Latest post by EMMYPESS

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A solution to the expensive glamour.

Latest post by Off_Ground

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Update "The Choice To Kill Nerissa in Episode 5"

Latest post by technics

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If you are a judge in Fabletown, how would you punish...

Latest post by Kakulukia

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Is my save file bugged? (Slight spoilers for eps. 1 and 4)

Posted by Kakulukia

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Arresting Woody or Deeand the effect on EP 3 ?

Latest post by Tyranitar

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E3 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

Latest post by curio

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Things that need to be resolved in the last episode.

Latest post by Faye_Kane

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What do you want to see in ep 5 Cry Wolf

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Would you change your choice knowing...

Latest post by Faye_Kane

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