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Latest post by pudding_pie

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What type of character did you chose?

Latest post by Clem_Everett

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What were your cringe worthy moments in TWAU?

Latest post by pudding_pie

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Johan or Jersey?

Latest post by GOUSTTTT

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Telltale has a problem with the even numbered episodes.

Latest post by CedarGrove19

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Latest post by Austrian-Maniac

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Season 2 is very unlikely

Latest post by Free_Dead

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BM's arm [Episode 3 Spoilers]

Latest post by XxTheHungerGamerxX

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Colin in the comics

Latest post by DaredevilGR

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I don`t get the Hate

Latest post by Grafite

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Snow Bespelled

Latest post by nusi2

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Big huge plot hole?

Latest post by DarkForce412

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50/50 Split Decision!!

Posted by PoopBrown

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The chalkboard?

Latest post by Spooch

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At the end of the _____ Fight

Latest post by nusi2

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How to rewind the story to any point you want

Posted by Faye_Kane

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Did anyone else think Mr White was a nod to Br Ba?

Latest post by Pete_Joseph_Randall

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Bigby Hot?

Latest post by ThatGirl13

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Faith theories

Latest post by Derringer

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What do you think will happen next with Snow Bigby going to war against The Crooked Man?

Latest post by MagnusLupus

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Technical question about save files (this is the first computer game I ever played)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Anyone else think Bluebeard may be behind it?

Latest post by SmallGoodTiger

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Did anyone notice that the voice actor for the butcher was...

Latest post by Healoz

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I love the Fables comix, but the game choices we make are fake

Latest post by Healoz

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What 'codes' does your Bigby follow?

Latest post by Healoz

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The feels

Latest post by MrLee

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What happened to Prince Lawrence?!

Latest post by littleflyingturtles

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Character Theme Songs You Think Would Work

Latest post by angrykurd

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Testo Xtrm- Feel Like A Real Man!

Posted by adolphjames

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What happened to jersey?

Latest post by angrykurd

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