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At the end of the _____ Fight

Latest post by nusi2

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How to rewind the story to any point you want

Posted by Faye_Kane

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Did anyone else think Mr White was a nod to Br Ba?

Latest post by Pete_Joseph_Randall

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Bigby Hot?

Latest post by ThatGirl13

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Faith theories

Latest post by Derringer

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What do you think will happen next with Snow Bigby going to war against The Crooked Man?

Latest post by MagnusLupus

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Technical question about save files (this is the first computer game I ever played)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Anyone else think Bluebeard may be behind it?

Latest post by SmallGoodTiger

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Did anyone notice that the voice actor for the butcher was...

Latest post by Healoz

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I love the Fables comix, but the game choices we make are fake

Latest post by Healoz

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What 'codes' does your Bigby follow?

Latest post by Healoz

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The feels

Latest post by MrLee

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What happened to Prince Lawrence?!

Latest post by littleflyingturtles

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Character Theme Songs You Think Would Work

Latest post by angrykurd

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Testo Xtrm- Feel Like A Real Man!

Posted by adolphjames

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What happened to jersey?

Latest post by angrykurd

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Season 2 of TWAU?

Latest post by Free_Dead

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laptop stolen, is anybody kind will share their saves?

Latest post by apollooo

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Johann The Butcher

Latest post by nusi2

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Suspicion on Johann the Butcher

Latest post by RafaelioOlazerai

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The whole "glamour" and "fable" world.

Latest post by darkomihajloski

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Latest post by RafaelioOlazerai

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Latest post by telltalefan3210

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Hear Him Out, Leave, or Shut Him Up (Ep 4)

Latest post by Wanderer7897

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TWAU ....Will there be a "season 2??

Latest post by LukaszB

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Ep.4 - So, who's in sheep's clothing, after all? (spoilers and theories welcome)

Latest post by RafaelioOlazerai

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Have you ever Thought...

Latest post by DragonButter

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I really dislike Beauty and Beast now...

Latest post by DomeWing333

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Game Issue Download

Posted by MostHumble

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"Stop laughing at me"; Identity of the speaker

Latest post by CarlosForever

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