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Freelance Police Dispatch

Pre-ordered The Devil's Playhouse? We've got some awesome developer exclusives and a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes action of making the game in here!

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Countdown to episode 2

Latest post by NeatNit

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As Sam would say, "Happy days are here again!"

Posted by Jaden-Von-Bat

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Countdown to Ep 5: "The City That Dares Not Sleep"

Latest post by PISLIX

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Q&A With the Design Team

Latest post by Metiphis

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ANSWERED: Q&A with... Steve Purcell!

Latest post by The Highway

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Countdown to Ep 3 - "They Stole Max's Brain!"

Latest post by tabstis

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Q&A with Jared Emerson-Johnson, Friday!

Latest post by allaboardfilms

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Q&A With Ryan Jones, Artist

Latest post by The Highway

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Countdown to Ep 4 - "Beyond the Alley of the Dolls"

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Latest post by Sherm

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