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Cant login to telltale games account

Posted by Kaizo

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Anybody have some funny, smart-ass, cool school answers, projects,etc... back in school

Latest post by Dan10

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Next Telltale Series Ideas?

Latest post by OzzyUK

Discussion Closed
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What are some little things in life that make you happy?

Latest post by BigGazMan

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Why is the Assassin's Creed franchise not popular among the forumers?

Latest post by Johro

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My mental health problem

Latest post by Lilacsbloom

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Who's hyped for Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy!?

Latest post by Psychokinesis

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What platform are you using to play Telltale games?

Latest post by WalkingDeadFan1911

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Telltale's Newest Unannounced Project is Rated [Keep spoilers/discussion here until official reveal]

Latest post by Justin22

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Most Disappointing Choices in Telltale Games

Latest post by Poogers555

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Better programmers?

Latest post by FyakerSGD

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Merged: Would you like to see an Alien game by Telltale ?

Posted by Mary5

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New Thor Ragnarok trailer

Latest post by bloop

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New Justice League Teaser

Latest post by bloop

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So, tell me about your story ideas.

Latest post by ralo229

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Merged: Stranger Things As a TellTalle Game?

Posted by MineCatcher

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Extremely overpriced games on Playstation

Latest post by ScootyZ

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Linkin park singer kills him self

Latest post by Raiden097

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Ready Player One Teaser

Posted by MasterStone

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I have a question about any telltale game

Latest post by AdamRoberts

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Merged: How is Tales of Archer not a thing yet?

Posted by Nigellus

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I can never get immersed in Telltale's - here's why.

Latest post by cleminist

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The most underrated games?

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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The beautiful month of august

Latest post by Melton23

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Telltale account connection problems including possible solution.

Latest post by lilsnek

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OJ Simpson released on parole

Latest post by I-am-BUMP

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What do you think are the most unnecessary sequels to video games ever?

Latest post by armis37

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Everything wrong with E3 2017

Latest post by bigdogg0821

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Have you ever gone through a spiritual experience?

Latest post by papai46

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why dose minecraft story mode only on windows?

Latest post by bigdogg0821

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