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Indiana Jones thread

Latest post by Darth Marsden

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Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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Digital Downloads vs. Physical Media

Latest post by Bloodline Video

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Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Latest post by Noname215

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The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, need help running them

Latest post by Juicius Maximus

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs. Apple iPad

Latest post by Icedhope

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I didn't break Telltale games forum's priceless painting!

Latest post by puzzlebox

Discussion Closed
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Black Mesa Source coming out on 14th

Latest post by Johro

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Happy Wars

Posted by Jennifer

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Living Another Childhood Through Cartoons

Latest post by RetroVortex

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What other Universal IPs would you like to see made?

Latest post by Bloodline Video

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JP and James Cameron: A What If Scenario

Latest post by Laserschwert

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Telltale Mystery Game: Who's Quilly?

Latest post by ryangeek

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Uncharted thread.

Latest post by yoman45135

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What happened with Doom 4 and Call of the putty?

Latest post by hangingwithmonkeys

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Latest post by der_ketzer

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Back to the future on Iphone

Latest post by angel_gonzalez0

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New Monkey has been found

Latest post by Noname215

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Tales of Monkey Island Poster size

Posted by ace2020boyd

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The First Video Game You Ever Played?

Latest post by raptor

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Support “Broken Sword - the Serpent’s Curse” Kickstarter campaign!

Latest post by Darth Marsden

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The Thrillville Quarterly

Posted by Haggis

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From TT Twitter: play-testing an upcoming release on 9/9. Of what?

Latest post by hangingwithmonkeys

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From where should i buy?

Latest post by Gman5852

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Video Game Music

Latest post by ryannumber1gamer

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Please add thanks plugin to the website

Latest post by flesk

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Primal Carnage

Posted by Shadowknight1

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What comic is the game based off?

Latest post by RAnthonyMahan

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Should they make a sequel to Super Mario Rpg?

Latest post by Leplaya

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Who is your favorite Wallace & Gromit Character

Posted by ryannumber1gamer

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