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Jurassic Park


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The Legendary Jurassic Park Fanart Thread

Latest post by Parasaurolophus93

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Jp 4

Latest post by SeanJP

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Dino Crisis reboot

Latest post by Woodsyblue

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Thanks Telltale

Latest post by ne_zavarj

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Jurassic Park mods

Latest post by vagrantart

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Help Us Choose What Part of Jurassic Park: The Game Becomes The Demo!

Latest post by Buckynohair

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Favourite dinosaur

Latest post by Bladeking

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Your objective assessment of the game

Latest post by Jennifer

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Need developer cannon confimation

Latest post by Pokesaurus12

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Where was all the blood?

Latest post by Kenneloth

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Sorkin vs. Hammond - Nature Preserve or Theme Park?

Latest post by South-East

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the wii

Latest post by twinki

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What Happened To the Embryo's?

Latest post by nublar93

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Suggestion: Commentaries With Alternate Audio Tracks

Latest post by scallenger

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I still waiting for the option to pay how much it cost to send the CD/DVD for Jurassi

Latest post by spetter

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Jurassic Park Chronology

Latest post by nublar93

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How Jurassic Park Changed Your Life?

Latest post by Bladeking

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Episode 4 on the iPad ?

Latest post by txfeinbergs

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Jurassic Park: Europe

Latest post by nublar93

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Jurassic park the game 2

Latest post by glenfx

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JP game website: Tour the Island

Latest post by raptorhunter

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So will this ever come out in the uk for the consoles?

Latest post by Kennyshair2

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If they did this in the fourth film thread!

Latest post by T163

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When will Telltale create Isla Sorna Map Posters (Movie and Novel Canon)?

Latest post by nublar93

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JP for the iPad?

Latest post by Gibbeynator

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TLW: The Game Petition

Posted by evolution_rex

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looking for a model

Posted by T163

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Jurrassic Park The Game is an awesome mini series, terrible game.

Posted by Threepwood42

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Xbox Live JP themed avatar stuff

Posted by SeanJP

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Update possibility for standard Version to Deluxe?

Posted by MarkoH01

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