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Jurassic Park


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Will TellTale be selling other Jurassic Park merchandise as well?

Latest post by T163

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Help Us Choose What Part of Jurassic Park: The Game Becomes The Demo!

Latest post by Buckynohair

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Will they fix the framerate issues?

Latest post by waroftheworlds01

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Dear Telltale, please ship Deluxe Editions in another box, not the actual Deluxe Box

Latest post by Korpil

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Europe are not getting JP the game on XBOX

Latest post by iliekater

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Jurassic Park Games...Which is your fave and why?

Latest post by johnnyt471

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Question about bonus disk

Latest post by MarkoH01

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Heather Hudson Interview (Jess Harding, JP: The Game) - Alternative Magazine Online

Latest post by RexMaster

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*SPOILERS* Was there a subplot cut out?

Latest post by RexMaster

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The Lost World Jurassic Park: The Game deluxe edition idea

Latest post by iliekater

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Something to get us pumped about this

Latest post by jorgea

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Latest post by Lukedfrt

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What happend to EU Xbox360 version?

Latest post by r3d

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Dinosaur List (Spoiler!?!)

Latest post by dirtywhitesniperjr.

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Jurassic park ''''username---password'''' pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Latest post by Silverwolfpet

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What dino is this (in JPIII)

Latest post by Oviraptor

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Could there ever be a 3rd Jurassic Park book ?

Latest post by RAnthonyMahan

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Names of poisonous dinosaurs?

Latest post by iliekater

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What did happen to David Banks?

Latest post by muldoonlives

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So... Will Europe be Getting the game on Xbox LIVE Arcade?

Latest post by robbttf

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Hey Telltale...any plans for Jurassic Park on PSVita???

Latest post by sniperwar10

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Resident Evil reference?

Latest post by Romeosierra616

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How did they clone a Mosasaur ?

Latest post by waroftheworlds01

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Thrilling Game, Wish it had a Move Mode

Latest post by FitzoliverJ

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Jurassic Park: The Game - Movie

Latest post by iliekater

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Jurassic Park for the iphone

Latest post by SWGNATE

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Chapter 1 Problem - Scene with the Monitor, Monitor is blank

Latest post by MissingNo.

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How long does it take for them to ship stuff?

Latest post by Maniac536

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Far Cry 2 Involvment Jp creation

Posted by bloodkiller630

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Weekly JP Auctions on eBay

Posted by jmine83

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