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Tales from the Borderlands

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Tales from the Borderlands Unofficial FAQ (Read before posting!)

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Read before posting - Forum Guidelines (Updated), Where/How to contact Telltale for Game Support

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Tales from the Borderlands - Links to the Episode Release Date Discussions/Stream Sharing threads

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Rhys X Fiona Confirmed Season Finale "The Vault of The Traveler" Spoilers!!

Latest post by 98Elliottchin

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Official Rhysha Thread (Episode 5 Spoilers)

Latest post by Laianely

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We Want Season 2!

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about, TFTB edition

Latest post by ITrustedJack

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Tales From The Borderlands meme and fun thread. (Mobile Warning)

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Tales from the Borderlands never ends

Latest post by Dozurany

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Telltale Playboy Feature Article confirms series was rewritten to have ******** be the Stranger

Latest post by Omid's cat

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Just Finished

Latest post by Birdchain

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Will be there a Season2 ???

Latest post by HLeigh0109

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TFTBL Questionnaire - (20Q)

Latest post by AbleArcher83

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Am I the only one that hated Tales from the Borderlands

Latest post by LukasTheBrave

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The 18th playthrough

Latest post by tothclean

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Tales From The Borderlands Merchandize

Latest post by HelloWorld123

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Let's do our Season 2!!

Latest post by Birdchain

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Unreleased scenes or something like that

Latest post by Poogers555

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Tales From The Borderlands miscellaneous subjects thread

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Please let us switch languages... [Steam]

Latest post by RavenSnowstorm

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Most hated character ?

Latest post by Poogers555

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Can we please get an option to increase the timer?

Latest post by SteamVamp

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The Fate of Yvette

Latest post by UrbanRodrik

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You get to choose a team!

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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Characters that will probably affect borderlands 3

Latest post by Godzilla_R32

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i wish

Latest post by shayan80

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Song suggestions for the intros of a possible season 2?

Latest post by Godzilla_R32

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who do you ship maya with?

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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Help me guys

Latest post by Lewsblake23

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Why Didn't They Care?

Latest post by RavenSnowstorm

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Moved: Restore purchases

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Mystery about TFBL

Latest post by Areesty015

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Moved: i cant download the game

Posted by Blind Sniper

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