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Tales from the Borderlands

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Who did you choose for your team?

Latest post by LawmanZero

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Who was in your Vault Team?

Latest post by LawmanZero

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Playable characters in season 2

Latest post by Poogers555

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Am I the only one that hated Tales from the Borderlands

Latest post by Rorschach123

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My Thought of Tales from the borderland so far and mah choices

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Never laughed so much at a video game

Latest post by Soundwasteland

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Your favourite lines/quotes from the game?

Latest post by DragonBorn1919

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So, I just finished Tales from the borderlands..

Latest post by ExileD

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Moved: i cant get the weapons in blps

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Most hated character ?

Latest post by Benjamin666

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Game Code?

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Redeeming the Code

Latest post by cameron33268110

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Tales from the Borderlands always crashes when it checks for dlc

Posted by quickster208

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Moved: Backed up data not recognized

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost

Latest post by Tarand

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Just Finished

Latest post by Birdchain

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Can we please get an option to increase the timer?

Latest post by SteamVamp

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Please let us switch languages... [Steam]

Latest post by RavenSnowstorm

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Moved: Restore purchases

Posted by Blind Sniper

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who do you ship maya with?

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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Will be there a Season2 ???

Latest post by HLeigh0109

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Telltale Playboy Feature Article confirms series was rewritten to have ******** be the Stranger

Latest post by Omid's cat

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Tales From The Borderlands Merchandize

Latest post by HelloWorld123

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Mystery about TFBL

Latest post by Areesty015

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You get to choose a team!

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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Moved: i cant download the game

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Help me guys

Latest post by Lewsblake23

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TFTBL Questionnaire - (20Q)

Latest post by AbleArcher83

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Why Didn't They Care?

Latest post by RavenSnowstorm

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