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Tales from the Borderlands

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Is it imperitive that I have played Borderlands to understand Tales from the Borderlands?

Latest post by Hbh128

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A silly fan theory involving Telltales Batman game

Latest post by Ekelund21

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Sasha as playable(or one of playable) character in Season 2

Latest post by Poogers555

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Did You Regret taking [Spoiler] in your Final Battle?

Latest post by Clord

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Steam Store missing info about languages.

Posted by Bloody Eugene

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It will be great to see how you guys think!

Latest post by Everyone'sClemInTime

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Edit your voice to Zer0 voice

Latest post by CrazedRabbit

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I'm going as Bossanova

Latest post by Khellendros

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What do you want Borderlands 3 to be?

Latest post by CrazedRabbit

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Which characters do you like playing as in the main games?

Latest post by Hydra_Hell

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Moved: Something wrong?

Posted by OzzyUK

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Make your own RHYS ROBO ARM Tutorial!

Latest post by Kribberit

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Is there any good handsome jack tributes

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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ITALIAN SUBTITLES? Wow, Telltale, now I LOVE you!!!! :)

Latest post by MarijaaNo7

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How about we do a contest to breath some life back in here?(Contest)

Latest post by PinkyPromise

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Best Tales from the Borderlands character- Poll!

Latest post by Godzilla_R32

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Future dlc ideas

Latest post by kaza125

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Moved: Game cant start up, Need help pls

Posted by OzzyUK

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Looking for help?

Latest post by matrixparadox

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Moved: Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 Bug

Posted by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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Act as your favourite

Latest post by captainivy1

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An old topic

Latest post by pandoranwanderer

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I actually feel bad for the Rhyiona shippers.

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Which Borderlands character do you resemble the most?

Latest post by pandoranwanderer

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Moved: Game crashes

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Moved: Anyone have a solution for this crash issue?

Posted by Blind Sniper

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changing controls?

Latest post by Darth_Sailor

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Romance with Sasha is forced and frustrating why no Fiona choice instead?

Latest post by mujie

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My final video tribute to this great series

Latest post by AChicken

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What if I've never played any of the Borderlands games before?

Latest post by megamike15

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