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How to edit your threads + How to embed YouTube videos + How (and when) to use large text

Latest post by Adamiks

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What's coming up from Telltale + FAQs about Telltale's Future/Upcoming Games (Update Apr 20 2017)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Forum Guidelines

Posted by puzzlebox

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What is your opinion of social media?

Latest post by Mariana238

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The Whatever's on Your Mind Megathread

Latest post by Coaster Mind

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Whatever Makes You Laugh (Post pictures, gifs, etc here - mobile warning) [UPDATE: June 16]

Latest post by Nightmare1

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Answer the question above you

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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My uncharted PARODY review (spoilers and mature language, comedy)

Latest post by lupinb0y

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What are you listening to right now?

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Political Thread 2.0; All Politically Charged Discussion and Debates go here

Latest post by strwar3

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How do you judge your nationallity

Latest post by fallandir

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Rate The Song Above You

Latest post by jamex1223

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Jurassic World 2 Discussion Thread - JEFF GOLDBLUM RETURNS & James Cromwell reveals character

Latest post by Domi_nique

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what games are you playing?

Latest post by MrJava

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Introduce Yourself!

Latest post by MrJava

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"Telltale should make a ____ Series": Post your ideas for a new Telltale Series here. (Unofficial)

Latest post by WalkingDeadFan1911

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Whats your favorite TellTale Series

Latest post by Pipas

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Anime suggestions?

Latest post by Domi_nique

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13 Reasons Why - Netflix Series

Latest post by ClemRanger

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DSR/Resolution Support

Posted by NihlusGreen

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The Vent Thread

Latest post by ralo229

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion Thread

Latest post by lupinb0y

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Merged: Is Walking dead Season3 Episode 3 Thicker than law Released

Posted by Vijsun23

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What Did You Get For Christmas?

Latest post by TelltaleJason

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New Campo Santo game coming?

Latest post by Dont_Look_Back

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Would the world be a better place if...

Latest post by robinbd4u

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LateShift FMV Video game Discussion

Latest post by ulop22

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WordPress help

Latest post by teakettle101

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Was The Accountant actually Bruce Wayne?

Latest post by Fallen_Shadow

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Star Wars Battlefront

Posted by NoTime

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Moved: Where do i look to get my marvel unlimited free month trial from GOTG?

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Which 2 Superheros will Be the last Two Standing in a Battle Royale?

Latest post by TeamKennyW00T

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Does any one have any idea about the improvement of Telltale Game Episodes

Latest post by OzzyUK

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