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Posted by puzzlebox

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Site update! (July 26 EDIT: Reply Notifications, PMs, @Username notifications are back!)

Latest post by Quaker540

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What Telltale's working on now + FAQs about Telltale's Future and General Info (Update Sept 20 2016)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Local Multiplayer Option Coming to Telltale: Introducing, Crowd Play!

Latest post by Themeerkatking

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how would you describe each forum member?

Latest post by MarijaaNo7

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Post ideas for franchises you wish Telltale would make games for here

Latest post by Handsome Lee

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The Political Thread

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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Telltale characters you would be friends with in real life?

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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The Whatever's on Your Mind Megathread (NOTE: Telltale Talk has been moved to the top of forums.)

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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What Really Pisses You Off?

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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What are you listening to right now?

Latest post by MetallicaRules

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I accidentally bought a $50 US Nintendo eshop card, so I'm giving it away. (Giveaway over)

Latest post by dojo32161

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Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

Latest post by JamesDalton1995

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Rate The Song Above You

Latest post by TheFurryOne

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How do you like to dress?

Latest post by TheFurryOne

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What are some TV shows that you loved watching that were cancelled WAY too early?

Latest post by ralo229

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Whatever Makes You Laugh (Post pictures, gifs, etc here - mobile warning) [UPDATE: June 16]

Latest post by Nightmare1

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The Quote Game

Latest post by Handsome Lee

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Selfie thread

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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Where Is Minecraft Story Mode ranked compared to all the other CHOICE DRIVEN telltale games?

Latest post by Menofthe214

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Please help, how do I get a custom profile image?

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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Do you have any opinions about ANYTHING that makes you feel like you're in the minority?

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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The Best Video Game Trailers Thread

Latest post by Handsome Lee

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Answer the question above you

Latest post by TheAutisticGamer

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What's your favorite Spider-Man movie, game and TV series?

Latest post by lupinb0y

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How to kill off Felicity in Arrow the TV show

Latest post by icecooljr

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The Vent Thread

Latest post by WarpSpeed

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Unofficial Birthday Thread

Latest post by Quaker540

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MCU Discussion Thread

Latest post by Derek Metaltron

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TOP 5 Telltale games of all time

Latest post by GaredAndBacon

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What are the best intros for telltale games in your opinion?

Latest post by JordaaNPopee

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Why don't people follow this today?

Latest post by Dozurany

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What is your general opinion of religion?

Latest post by Chilled

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Clichés you dislike/hate

Latest post by Gary-Oak

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