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The Wolf Among Us

This is the spot to talk all things The Wolf Among Us!

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Merged: The wolf among us for android?


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Who's still here ?

Latest post by Violet_Zephyr

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Do you think ***** Die in the Comics (Poll)

Latest post by Gartives

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Game of the year

Latest post by Jacol

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So in reality, Toad is...

Latest post by werewolf7

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[Mod Edit: Fake story/Unreliable news source] The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Delayed To 2016

Latest post by Blind Sniper

Discussion Closed
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Can anyone tell me what happened in Fables #145?

Latest post by HazzatheMan

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Comic Readers: Talk to Me

Latest post by LukaszB

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Vertigo releasing comic adaptation of Wolf Among Us story

Latest post by Ohyoupokedme

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Wolf Cop

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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What choices did you choose?

Latest post by TeamKennyW00T

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Finally TWAU is coming to playstore

Latest post by warfare1859

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Happy Birth Day Wolf Among Us

Latest post by armis37

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Was it Faith or Nerissa? A very strong case with new evidence.

Latest post by Lady_Whatever

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Theories about a Season 2 release

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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New Wolf Among Us trailer released

Latest post by Pipas

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What Wolf Among Us Character fits you?

Latest post by Petar_WeisseWolf_E

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Question on rendering technique

Latest post by Mini_Wolf

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Bigby counts money like a boss!

Latest post by papai46

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Latest post by DragonButter

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My ideas for Season 2

Latest post by jamex1223

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E4 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

Latest post by Ellias

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Idea for theme packs *Another episodic adventure*

Latest post by Saltlick123

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The Wolf Among Us - Fan Wallpaper Gallery

Latest post by Jacol

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Season 2 Fan Art

Posted by Poogers555

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Choices you're suprsied the majority made

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Bigby And Snow's "Cubs"

Latest post by KCohere

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Maybe we aren't supposed to, but I didn't get that line... *SPOILER*

Latest post by nooshamel

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Vote with your pocket!

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Season 2 should be a narration!

Latest post by blueneon

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