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The Wolf Among Us

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Ending Theory...

Latest post by telltalefan3210

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Holly Research

Posted by SmallGoodTiger

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Go to Special Stats and you will see DECEASED written on Faith's character

Latest post by WalkingDeadFan1911

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Ending in The Wolf Among Us Ep-5

Latest post by Bro4Life

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What happened in room 207?

Latest post by SmallGoodTiger

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Ep 5 - Pudding & Pie Scene

Latest post by Pride

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Do You Think Telltale Actually Redirected the Story?

Latest post by Gavin996

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What to do with my life now?

Latest post by Funnymen123

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Walking dead season 2 vs wolf among us who had the better and more memorable cast of characters ?

Latest post by HeartOfGold

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Where are the save files on a Steam install on a Mac?

Latest post by cdietschrun

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The ending doesn't really matter. (SPOILERS)

Latest post by zammey12

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The Wolf Among Us OST?

Latest post by freelancepolicefan11

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I feel bad for.... *spoilers*

Latest post by Wilder41

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Is there a "canon" story in this game?

Latest post by LukaszB

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Bloody Mary as ultimate villain was very anti-climatic

Latest post by koban4max

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Any indications?

Posted by WALD0

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Moved: iOS Episode 5 "this choice is blank"

Posted by Blind Sniper

Discussion Moved
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Question regarding the photos

Posted by Spoonbender

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What did you like and dislike about the final?

Latest post by pal2002

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Cry Wolf's Final Decision!

Latest post by Hunted35

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Latest post by wartigerwalkingdead3

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Where did you hear about TWAU for the first time?

Latest post by DragonButter

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The Creepy Crooked Man (EP5 Spoilers)

Posted by DillonDex

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Reasoning to Why SHE isn't HER

Latest post by Pride

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Bloody Mary; .... or .....?

Latest post by Blackrising

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What did you do at ------'s last moment?

Latest post by markybark

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It could have beem so awesome

Posted by Deadwolfwalking

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If Bigby can take on...

Latest post by Prince_Charming

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Last Cry wolf achievement: HAPPILY EVER AFTER

Latest post by Prince_Charming

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Questions about the ribbons and the ending

Posted by upi00r

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