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The Wolf Among Us

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Personal Theory Dump

Latest post by 6Stringed

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iOS ipad version please!!??

Latest post by Artemisthemp

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TWAU is not available in Russia on PSN

Latest post by Artemisthemp

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Server communication issue

Latest post by DjNDB

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Please stop forcing episode previews upon us!

Latest post by Vainamoinen

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The game don't start after clicking the Start-Button

Posted by Teddy_gon

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a new theory, a new suspect SPOILERS

Latest post by DEADinTHEhead

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would it be funny if

Posted by donmike84

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That redhead thin dude? (he is my suspect #1)

Latest post by Vainamoinen

Discussion Closed
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Evil Choice?

Latest post by Alucasan

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[Spoilers] Huge Problem for Fable Town

Posted by Ridiculi

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The game makes it way too obvious who it is.

Latest post by TheUnsilentMinority

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PS3 Audio out of sync, repeating, dropping and other performance issues

Latest post by Frimmel

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Let's Play The Wolf Among Us

Latest post by graveyarddave

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PSN Release 15th/ TWAU for ps3

Latest post by Artemisthemp

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Fables Universe Discussion (Both Comic and Game Spoilers)

Latest post by Eduardo

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Seems quite neat but not buying it until it's "finished"

Posted by ZoidbergForPresident

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Windows 8 no analog stick support

Latest post by DjNDB

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New suspect !!

Latest post by Ridiculi

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I hope there are serious repercussions in Episode 2 for going to Lawrence's house first

Latest post by BullseyeRey

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Latest post by SirLaserBear

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The identity of...[spoilers]

Latest post by Violet_Zephyr

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UK PS3: Not able to download

Latest post by Danny-Phoenix

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How did you enjoy TWAU ep1?

Latest post by ColdPretzels

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Alice and other fables.

Latest post by d_cover

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Any Playing Dead-esque videos for TWAU coming 'soon'?

Posted by Ismokeherb

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Life or Death: Recap

Latest post by JenPie

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The fables

Latest post by Violet_Zephyr

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E1 Release Discussion:PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS/Kindle/Android out now;Vita/PS4/XOne:Nov 4 NA/Nov 7 EU

Latest post by Thiefx

Sunk Discussion
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My opinion on Wolf among us, feedback for the developers

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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