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Read before posting - Forum Guidelines (UPDATED) , where to get Game Support

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A New Frontier - Links to Episode Release Date Discussions + Rules for Sharing Let's Plays/Streams

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Walking Dead Unofficial FAQs (and New Frontier Save Import System FAQ) [Updated Dec 14]

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'Hostiles and Calamities' Episode Discussion

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Season 3 menus in Season 2 Style!

Latest post by SSJ4 Jonathan

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Episode 3 Waiting Thread - Episode 3 set to debut "later next month"

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Post your favorite TWD videos.

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What is your opinion of TV Dwight?

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Becca and Alvin took Omid and Christa's role in season 2?

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The New Unofficial TellTale's TWD Season 4 Plot PART 2!

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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about The Walking Dead

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The Thread of general TWD-related questions

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worst guardian

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The Walking Dead Meme and Fun Thread (Mobile warning: contains lots of images)

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If Clementine had to die...

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Is It the End of Clementine?

Latest post by Melton23

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"Continue Your Story..."

Latest post by Yellowsno

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The New Unofficial TellTale's TWD Season 4 Plot

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I think after this season...

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What episode would you rewrite?

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What if Kenny is actually alive?

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Unpopular walking dead opinions?

Latest post by Masterfaust

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Why does everybody like him so much?

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But what's with the ugly jacket?: Character Designs

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Self-Captured Screenshots of TTG TWD (S1, S2, NF, Michonne)

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who do you think will return in the new frontier? (twd)

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Walking Dead #AlternativeFacts

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Anyone down to replay S1 & S2 and pretend like the story ends there?

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Who will be the main villain of A New Frontier?

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What are your favourite The Walking Dead quotes?

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Who Did You End Up with in Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Season 2? (Spoilers.)

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Would you enjoy replaying Season 1 or/and 2 as a different character?

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