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Bonus Episode

Latest post by Easyruins900

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Do you think we'll have a Kenny-like return again?

Latest post by Kateis

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What about the church?

Latest post by lee4life

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Kenny in season 2 Devalues EVERYTHING about Lee

Latest post by fallandir

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Episode 3 For Me *Theory* **Final Update**

Latest post by Gangolas

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Choices that defined your Clem/Lee

Latest post by Alex28

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Moved: Let's say that in a hypothetical scenario...

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Winner winner chicken dinner.

Latest post by lee4life

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The Walking Dead for Android.

Posted by suicide

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Carver Had The Right Mindset, Kinda

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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What did you choose?

Latest post by Gustav_Kenny

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Your Favorite Dialogue

Latest post by Saltlick123

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Character Actions: ALVIN, the good, the bad, the debatable (SP!)

Latest post by KennyFollower

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Character Actions: BONNIE, the good, the bad, the debatable (SP!)

Latest post by prink34320

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The walking dead TV SHOW, and is it good? *should i watch it?*

Latest post by Master of Aeons

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We should abandon AJ, ABSOLUTELY!

Latest post by Tinni

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Season 2 Episode 4 Review.

Posted by Feedingfrenzy91

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episode 4

Posted by lilbit903

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Doppelgängers in real life - TWDG

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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The Walking Dead Raccoon's

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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For the love of God and all that is holy. Telltale can you please release these songs some day?

Latest post by 8bitnick

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Character Actions: JANE, the good, the bad, the debatable (SP!)

Latest post by HugoCorv

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twd facebook français

Posted by robin62

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What did you choose?

Latest post by HardAppleCider

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What will Clementine become?

Latest post by Legendary12

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Latest post by Blinx

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What did you choose?

Latest post by Zachiscool

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Rebecca and Carlos

Latest post by DomeWing333

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Why Do People Hate Troy So Much?

Latest post by fallandir

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The end of humans in ZA

Latest post by Bokor

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