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It's not Victor

Latest post by ShaneWalsh

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Clementine's Future

Latest post by prink34320

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If Luke had let Nick come with them on the bridge...

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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Best voice acting in TWD game?

Latest post by InKennyWeTrust

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Did everybody in the camp forget Nick's mom exists.

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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The Best Let's player

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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I really want...

Latest post by ralo229

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What do you think Ben would be like now, if he'd lived?

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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Is it True that the Brazilian defenders were injected with Zombie Virus?

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Clementine's Family

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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End of Season Possible Statistics?

Latest post by ForClementine

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Would you be mad if ____ happened.

Latest post by Viva-La-Lee

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What happened to the rest of the group?

Latest post by MyGuardianAngel

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What was the reason behind telltale stopping hubs?

Latest post by TheGoodTheBadTheDead

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From us ... to you...

Latest post by Violet Virago

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What's the best Episode ever?

Latest post by Carley123

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Luke and Clems Relationship

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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Moved: I want to know about you guys/girls.

Posted by Blind Sniper

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Has anyone seen this??? (no news or spoilers)

Latest post by jamex1223

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Can She Come Back In EP5 0r S3?

Latest post by HeartOfGold

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Ben's Unused Audio Referencing Rape?

Latest post by ShaneWalsh

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for people who think Doug is coming back in Season 2...

Latest post by cassada

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Bigby vs Clementine

Latest post by Sarangholic

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What if Doug was still alive in Season 2?

Latest post by cassada

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Doug confirmed in Season 2?

Latest post by VinceOrKenny

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400 days ( i'm not complaining about the characters not being used.)

Latest post by Duck_was his son

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the phenomenon that is series 2

Latest post by prink34320

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Why doesn't Reggie ask about...

Latest post by Everyone'sClemInTime

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Save Sarsh or Becca?

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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About The Play-through Length Controversy...

Latest post by snakecharmerofborg

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