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episode 4 trailer coming this week

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Reducing Lag on Samsung Galaxy S4

Latest post by PieceOfPie

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Animal Encounters

Latest post by SuperChocoLatte

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What were your season 1 and 2....

Latest post by PerttuLaulaa

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Clementine's hat in GTA V?

Latest post by Hershel

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Season 2 Seasson Pass

Latest post by Eryka

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Merged: epsiode 4

Posted by bills10910

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Latest post by kawaiiclem

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Why does Bonnie say she's in love with Luke, but was in love with Leland in 400 day?

Latest post by Espurr

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 this reminds me of The Wolf Among us :)

Latest post by RaduBota18

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How a certain bearded man might meet his end in Amid the Ruins

Latest post by jaybreezy

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Set Series 3 in a different country

Latest post by Midnightchemist

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Good Theory about character in screenshot!

Latest post by Hbh128

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Funniest insults?

Latest post by Team_Purple

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the walking dead season 2 or the wolf among us? what game you wanna play if full game can be played?

Latest post by jakobennis

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Whats wrong with season 2?

Latest post by snakecharmerofborg

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Am I The Only One...

Latest post by ChocoHallic

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''Are you feeling okay?''

Latest post by AWESOMEO

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reggie the biggest hurt so far?

Latest post by That1Guy

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Favorite Antagonist?

Latest post by skoothz

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Achievements for ep.5 bigger size?

Posted by FetchWalker

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If I pick Pete does nick survive

Latest post by prink34320

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i'm really enjoying season two so far

Latest post by Yo-da-Man

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What if...

Latest post by ralo229

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Victor Possibly Returns?

Latest post by casdow90

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Theory about who's with that hoodie 50/50 sure about it

Latest post by RainbowKitten

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Am I the Only One Who Isn't Bothered by the Short Lengths?

Latest post by DawnOfTheClementine

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The crooked man vs Carver who in you opinion was the better villain

Latest post by Belan

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What Do You prefer

Latest post by Rylee

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Do You Think...

Latest post by Flog61

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