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Can't Get Past Zombies in Episode 4

Latest post by Ashdawg

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Season 2

Latest post by Morganmonster

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it's kinda funny and sad how....

Latest post by Kenny4ever

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If extraterrestrials had or theoretically played the Walking Dead Game how would they react?

Latest post by Yo-da-Man

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Finale Episode Discussion 'Conquer' (it's 90 minutes long)

Latest post by GiantKiller

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The Walking Dead: Michonne editions? :o

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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How is Michonne better in the comics, compared to the show?

Latest post by sony12

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Did Luke deserve to die?!

Latest post by Bokor

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Characters That Can Or You Want To Return In Season 3?

Latest post by Arctic0ne

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If the boat idea worked?

Latest post by Killah

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Michonne mini series!

Latest post by JamesDalton1995

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Negan can totally appear in Michonne's mini-series

Latest post by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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What if Clementine appeared on Michonnes Mini series?

Latest post by Morninglightmountain

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New Character S3 ?

Latest post by Killah

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Growing up or being born into the outbreak?

Latest post by Aerie88

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What if Telltale...

Latest post by Aerie88

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This doesn't make sense and it make me mad....

Latest post by Clem_In_The_Pines

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What characters should have their own mini-series?

Latest post by -Kenny

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Clementine in S3? (cosplay)

Latest post by ClemisthequeenofSass

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Vernon and da boat spoilers

Latest post by Firewallcano

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Latest post by Dead or Alive

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Ways Season 2 could've been better.

Latest post by AGentlman

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How would you have Michonne run into Clementine?

Latest post by wrestlingdead12

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How do you feel about the michonne version of the walking dead?

Posted by TheWalkingDeadLuke

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Having your Season 2 ending matter...

Latest post by Only_Jags

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Another great gaming dev gone to dogs

Latest post by Cope49

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TWD Season 2 Custom Character 2: Validus (Long Post)

Posted by Clemenem

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"In cannon with the comics"

Latest post by Jennifer

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TellTale Games TWD Michonne Crossover Clementine S3

Latest post by Arya_Stupid

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Guys! I need serious help!!(Game Crashing)

Latest post by shellturtleguy

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