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The Walking Dead: The Final Season (S4) Pre Season News thread - Announced on Summer 2017 Update

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Read before posting - Forum Guidelines (Updated July 31 2017), How to get Game Support

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Walking Dead Unofficial FAQs (and New Frontier Save Import System FAQ) [Updated July 19]

Latest post by Jennifer

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Luke's reaction when you choose to sit with Kenny

Latest post by prink34320

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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead Meme and Fun Thread (Mobile warning: contains lots of images)

Latest post by Fangirl101

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Can someone help me pls ?

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Walking Dead Comic "Treyarch Loading Screen Style"

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The perfect antagonist for The Final Season?

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The Thread of general TWD-related questions

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Failed Aspirations: Wasted Characters/Plots/Locations/Etc.x3

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The Walking Dead Character Bios Conrad

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The Walking Dead Character Bios Eleanor

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Problem saving season 2 the walking dead

Posted by luciano9429

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Do You Still Hate Gabe? (ANF Discussion)

Latest post by Wonderboy209

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But what's with the ugly jacket?: Character Designs

Latest post by Fangirl101

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Who do you think are the most underrated and overrated characters in all of the games?

Latest post by Joonlar

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Click here if excited For season 4

Latest post by RJHAMPTON

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I think most of us could appreciate this

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Unpopular walking dead opinions?

Latest post by VengefulKenny

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Which Walking Dead game character had the absolute lamest death?

Latest post by DabigRG

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A devoted fan's suggestions for how the ANF endings can have a meaningful impact on S4

Latest post by Alex_L_P

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[SPOILERS] Ending of Ep.2 of A New Frontier. Before going to...

Latest post by Archielan

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Last season? Really?

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Season 4 Fan Made Soundtrack 6 | I'M CLEMENTINE

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Finished Season 3 for the first time, quick thoughts

Latest post by Joonlar

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Can you get the touch interface on the PC version?

Latest post by Melton23

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What was really the purpose of Lee's death?

Latest post by Chibikid

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message to S4 writers

Latest post by Ladariel

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Would S3 have been better recieved if Clementine was the main character?

Latest post by DabigRG

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Scrapped and unused audio, dialogue, animations, scenes, etc...

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Walking Fan Art of the DEAD... (New and Improved)

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Things I Want to See in Season 4

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