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The Walking Dead Comic Volume 1 and 2 plot

Latest post by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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What do you think would've happened if Joel from TLOU had been leader of Season 2's group?

Latest post by The walking dead1324

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S3 kenny ideas

Latest post by Herodriver

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While waiting

Latest post by Clmentine-3oo

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One Thing Amid The Ruins Truly Excelled At....

Latest post by pcharl01

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My Own Take and Ideas of Lilly, Chuck and Doug's Origins.

Posted by ClemyClooAndBabyboo

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Can We PLEASE Stop With Posts about Jane, Kenny, and Lilly?!

Latest post by ClemyClooAndBabyboo

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If you could pre order Season 3 would you?

Latest post by darky07

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If you had the choice would you stay with Kenny or leave with the cabin group

Latest post by sialark

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Season 1 Ending

Latest post by LuckY97

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Vote for Clem in GamesMaster's GoTY poll!

Latest post by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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TWD Season 6 will start with a big death (SPOILERS)

Latest post by Firewallcano

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Guns n Weapons

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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Who would win in a fight? Carl (tv show) VS Clementine (game)

Latest post by Harian96

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How screwed would everyone be if...

Latest post by DoubleJump

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Lilly has so much potential

Latest post by MaconMajr

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What are your biggest concerns of Season 3 *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

Latest post by Harian96

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Ending season 2

Latest post by ReggiesLeftArm

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Is it morally right to try and help Lily CPR Larry?

Latest post by Flog61

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I know this was a while back but.

Latest post by GiantKiller

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How many times have you replayed this game?

Latest post by GiantKiller

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Who do you like better? Jane or Michonne

Latest post by GiantKiller

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Daryl in the show need way more devolopment

Latest post by Aerie88

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We probably wont see Negan until season 7

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Cabin Group Development

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Where is Lily?

Latest post by MaconMajr

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Would you have liked a "Jane and Kenny" final?

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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Made some Walking dead characters in sims 4

Posted by NateTheGreat987

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Walter and Matthew?

Latest post by Cluke_is_Dumb

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Why all this hatred against Jane?

Latest post by chrissypfeil

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