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The import Season 2 problem -_-

Posted by LilClemmyClue

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ben and the bite '-'

Latest post by DoubleJump

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Question about S1 Episode 1

Latest post by Arctic0ne

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I wish Kenny wasnt in season 2

Latest post by CrazyGeorge

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Who would win in a fight? Jesus (Comic) VS Michonne (Tv show)

Latest post by Shubbalubbadingdong

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Did Clementine work for you as a protagonist?

Latest post by GiantKiller

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What was your least favourite episode in Season 1?

Latest post by GiantKiller

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Can we have a better group?

Latest post by Lehfeels

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Most underrated video game cahracter

Latest post by Clemenem

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Anyone else that felt "depressed" after finishing TWD S2 (Game)?

Latest post by DaveTheArakin

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Walking Dead Keychains!

Latest post by JennysCookie

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which determinant character do you think effected the story the most?

Latest post by Nikolaj-11

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What would happen if Carl and Clem have met? Not saying their gonna fight but whats the outcome?

Latest post by kingofSD

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Grown up Clementine

Latest post by kingofSD

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"If Daryl dies we riot" [Rant]

Latest post by kingofSD

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One problem with the "Clementine is shed" plot

Latest post by HelloWorld123

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Life Lessons with Lee Everett

Latest post by snakecharmerofborg

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Decisions You're Embarassed/Ashamed or Proud to Say You Made. TWD Edition!

Latest post by ClemyClooAndBabyboo

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Clem & AJ

Latest post by Everyone'sClemInTime

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Horribly Unrealistic Moments

Latest post by Workard

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Most Disturbing Death?

Latest post by Workard

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Clementines Birthday is on...

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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What if Mike's plot was this?

Latest post by Mrwalto69

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Why do people like Sarah?

Latest post by Mrwalto69

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The Walking Dead Comic-Volume 3 and 4 plot

Latest post by InGen_Nate_Kenny

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Season 1 Season pass

Posted by KaptainRichter

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Songs that describe the characters

Latest post by PabloOftheDead

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Ways 400 days could effect season 2

Latest post by Firewallcano

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Will there be more Walking Dead profile pictures?

Latest post by The Weapon Master

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What would happen if Lee didn't get bit but Clementine died

Latest post by LeetheBeastEverett

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