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Which characters do you hate the most?

Latest post by Kenny/Lee

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What Kenny tells Clem on the Lake...

Latest post by Alex28

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Short question about graphics settings

Posted by FireZenoel

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Andrew Lincoln going beardless!

Latest post by Clem_is_awesome

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A question about reference images for Bonnie

Latest post by JayedSkier

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'Walking Dead: Season Two' Custom Box Cover Art (Aldimon)

Latest post by Green613

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Mentally disabled in The Walking Dead

Latest post by Master of Aeons

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How do you think Mike and Bonnie would react what happened after their betrayel?

Latest post by Lilacsbloom

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what character would you like to return?

Latest post by dinofire

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Honest Trailers: The Walking Dead

Latest post by Jewfreeus

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How I would have dealt with Kenny in Season 2

Latest post by VengefulKenny

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Can it happen ?

Latest post by GCardoso

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Kenny vs Jane popularity poll

Latest post by HardAppleCider

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Season 2 is over. Kenny is now determinant. LET IT F***ING GO ALREADY, PEOPLE.

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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That Helicopter...?

Latest post by Kenny_Is_Alive

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Jane's sheep joke

Latest post by TheWalkingSheep

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How Would they React If they Found out lee died?

Latest post by kenny must live

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Season 3 "taking a new angle"

Latest post by Feedingfrenzy91

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Hoping for a fresh start in the 3rd game. *spoiler*

Latest post by HardAppleCider

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Season 2 Ending and Season 3 beginning?

Latest post by ABigBadWolf

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Clementine's Regrets

Latest post by Mary5

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What is Clem's hair color?

Latest post by Mary5

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Tell me when the Kenny thread shitstorm ends

Latest post by Hazzer

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Latest post by FuckingRiverBR

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How Everyone SHOULD Have Died.

Latest post by BeefJerkyX

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In the pines

Latest post by Duck_was his son

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TWD poster, new addition to my wall of fame :)

Posted by Keep_dat_hair_short

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Some nostalgia in HD

Posted by Napper

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TWD Season 3 Trailer (Spoiler)

Latest post by Tewudin

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Kenny got what he wanted.

Latest post by Megami_Kizukanai

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