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Why didn't Telltale put Subtitle for the Russian Dialogues in TWD S2?

Latest post by LeeAintDeadFFS

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If you were in a zombie apocalypse with Clementine and she got bit how would you react?

Latest post by ClennyJr

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Pizza vs. Ice cream?!

Latest post by Brownsa

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What do we call the baby?

Latest post by telltalemaster

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Why do you forgive your evil group?

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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Can you REALLY blame Mike and Bonnie?

Latest post by Tracerhaha

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idk, I just wish **** was around longer

Latest post by InfiniteDawn

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Making the "right" decisons for Jane/Kenny

Latest post by kaza125

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'UPDATE' Which character is your Walking Dead love interest?

Latest post by zedbazi

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What would a Canon Clementine be like? Opinions Needed

Latest post by InKennyWeTrust

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Season One iOS problems

Posted by jimbobaggins

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Wait, WHAT! (About Luke)

Latest post by Metafrost

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How would you feel? (Hypothetical)

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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Anyone notice that..?

Latest post by Rusted_Lurker

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Kenny and Jane Friendship Thread

Posted by -XYAB-

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Question About Clementine And Kenny's Relationship

Latest post by ThatOneUser

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**** can be shot in the ps3 version but it may be removed now

Posted by Saltlick304

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my new favourite character

Latest post by Arvalis

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The reason I hated epsiode 5 *spoilers*

Posted by isac23

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The Best Ending

Latest post by MustacheKing

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If you save Sarah in Episode four, you are like Carver

Latest post by Ellias

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Who Clementine was talking about *MASSIVE SPOILERS*

Latest post by papai46

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Clementine's transformation

Latest post by Hazzer

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If you had a chance to fire the gun who would you shoot first

Latest post by DreadMagus

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Carver's dance camp

Latest post by lee4life

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Kenny tribute

Posted by CeaserMartinez

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the kenny and clem relationship.....

Latest post by Rock114

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Three questions.

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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Scientific Proof That Jane > Kenny (Blatant Spoiler Warning)

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Does anyone know the song name?

Latest post by SimDerKing

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