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Maybe Clem's fate is... EDIT: *NEW TWEET* From Job

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Who was your favorite villain so far?

Latest post by KingInTheNorth13

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Who have you become?

Latest post by Sarangholic

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When Do You ALWAYS Cry In Video Games?

Latest post by Salvy

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Is there a "Clementine" in your life?

Latest post by danthedude1218

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Unused Audio From 201

Latest post by Steven1500

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Sh*t I Don't Like: TWD Edition

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Let's play's with nick

Latest post by Lord_EAA

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The Walking Dead Shirts?

Latest post by LoneWoIf

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Clem is dead!? *IMAGES* Mod Edit: Fake

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Kenny or Luke YOU DECIDE!!!!

Latest post by Kenny_and_Clem

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Write down the stupidest theory you've made!

Latest post by rokon900

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Do you think Episode 5 will introduce another new characters?

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The Walking Dead TV Show Actors Ice Bucket Challenge! :D

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Clementines Death Theory

Latest post by KennysHemorrhoid

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How to use Teltale speech extractor

Latest post by TheDeadWalking

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How you prefer to play The Walking Dead? With your first choices or the best choices?

Latest post by bloop

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The Walking Dead Film/TV Show

Latest post by longlivelee

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Ice Cream or Pizza? Neither.

Latest post by longlivelee

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Clem's Tribute: The Calm Before The Storm

Latest post by TeamKennyW00T

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People to talk about Ep.5 & following S3

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Thank You.

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Walking dead season pass problems

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Favorite Walking Dead trailer?

Latest post by Alive_Clem

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A Song about Clementine

Posted by Fragmeister1793

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Can you copy save files in Season 2?

Posted by bloop

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Moved: Why do I see a lot of banned users?

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Moved: Needed to say this... nothing about WD - Off-Topic

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