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Zombie apocalypse? its happening right now

Latest post by Full Leather Jacket

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How would Luke interact with Lee

Latest post by TWDclementine

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This Fan Base Can Not Be Satisfied

Latest post by Evangelion

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What happened to the collectors DVD?

Latest post by Batteries

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Where can I buy Clem's hat??

Latest post by Sarangholic

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Thoughts on walking dead season 2 ep. 5?

Latest post by Kryik

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Walking Dead-Movie and Game Series

Latest post by Raging_Blades

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Would you kill AJ if...

Latest post by AlanSpencer

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Did anyone else catch the Reservior Dogs easter egg in Episode 3?

Latest post by Kennysucks

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Who made that choices, help!

Latest post by sprocket23

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Top 5 Secrets and Easter Eggs (Joke)

Latest post by BlueShadiw

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Do you think Nate will be a better villain than Carver?

Latest post by Olaus Petrus

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How Would Clem Get Along With These Characters From Other Games?

Latest post by HardAppleCider

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Will we get anything along the lines of a "The Making of The Walking Dead: Season 2"?

Posted by eRock92

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Age |d9

Latest post by Raging_Blades

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Did People Complain About Season 1?

Latest post by Rylee

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Clementine for Halloween!

Latest post by ChuckTheLizard

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I think all endings lead to Wellington

Posted by Feedingfrenzy91

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Mold Characters after the voice actors

Latest post by thedreamcatcher

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How Would You Want In A New Story For Season 3?

Latest post by clemmie_shoots_arvo

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Wellington is the best ending for Clem

Latest post by Mary5

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Ideas for Season 3

Latest post by Feedingfrenzy91

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question about Dave Fennoy....

Latest post by Mary5

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What would you do with AJ? (results)

Latest post by zykelator

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It's time for a new story

Latest post by thestalkinghead

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What decade does this game take place in?

Latest post by Duck_was his son

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Kenny is becoming a pirate

Latest post by clemmie_shoots_arvo

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(Let Family In, Jane Ending) Why Clementine Was Shocked At Randy's Gun

Latest post by clemmie_shoots_arvo

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Did **** survive?

Latest post by Lilacsbloom

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The Telltale gamers!


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