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I don't want Luke to be around Clementine anymore

Latest post by VanillaIce

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I've been nearly beaten to death like Kenny.

Latest post by cappatown

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The Luke Defense Masterpost Mark II

Latest post by Kenny_and_Clem

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Are you excited for the Season Finale ?

Latest post by Kirbinator93PC

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A post about Eddie, and how annoying it was that he was scrapped by TTG (semi-rant)

Latest post by Tyler_Durant

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I'm sad now. This I'am Clementine thing scares me.

Latest post by mr.quality

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Clem's True Protector!!

Latest post by ilovetwd

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Was it Sandra the recorded the video?

Latest post by Firewallcano

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The Most Difficult Choices You've Had In TWDG

Latest post by Just_another_walker

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CRYING (Prediction)

Latest post by GnastyCrong

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Clementine's requiem/lullaby

Latest post by Viva-La-Lee

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Latest post by TWD_25

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Guys, i don't like what Telltale says on the trailer....

Latest post by Nikolaj-11

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Do you still think there's hope to see a Nate Cliffhanger this season? (read my short fic :D)

Latest post by IllusiveBroker

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Can you give me an advice?

Latest post by Virgil_Caine

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No going back "leave the baby" possible choice

Latest post by Jere85

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Maybe The Music of Bonus Screen in Season 2 Finale Trailer is The Season 2 Finale Credits Song

Latest post by Lee4ever

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At what time will the Final Episode be released? 12:00 AM PST? Anyone else gonna pull an AllNighter?

Latest post by AmazingAura01

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Something about the finale that may happen.

Latest post by Lolzkittiez

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The Walking Dead Is Still Good

Latest post by Baldex

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Steal from arvo or not

Latest post by Chase4902

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Is Clem going to die in Episode 5?

Latest post by Journey95

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How do you push the walker off in the PC game?

Latest post by Deadlip

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Season Five

Latest post by AmazingAura01

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Possible Choices 205 [Mod edit: Fake]

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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i honestly believe Clementine will die

Latest post by Mazdamaxsti

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"No Going Back" Season Finale Predictions

Latest post by gimmeseason2

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Countdown for No Going Back!

Latest post by Inkerman

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"The Clock Is Ticking" Is Not A New Quote.

Latest post by Weavoid

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Would anyone have a feels overload if Clementine...

Posted by TJ3046

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