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Wolf Among Us worth buying?

Latest post by GamingThief

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Best zombie games...

Latest post by pander1

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Thw Walking Sass 4

Posted by TheClementineBlogger

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Could The Choice With ____ In Season 1 Effect _____'s Fate.

Latest post by AGentlman

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S2E5 Lee sequence? slight Ep4 spoilers

Latest post by Nikolaj-11

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Do you think "Pizza and Ice Cream," is actually Luke and Kenny?

Latest post by Twistee

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Choices ?

Latest post by blukey

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3 Different Clementines

Latest post by DomeWing333

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Nick The Walking Dead: Season 2 Costume

Latest post by Flog61

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Latest post by EpicMustacheGuy

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If zombie Sandra was in the house, how did Clem get the food she needed to survive in her Tree house

Latest post by Emyl19

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Latest post by TheNoseOfAWalker

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What Would You Do If You Found Out All Of Season 1 and 2 Were All Just SomeTwisted Nightmare?

Latest post by ButtButtSnakeSnake

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Cool DLC ideas?

Latest post by InKennyWeTrust

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oL` Breakon down the street farm has mare lame has a mare gone lame

Latest post by AGentlman

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Just seen the new trailer. Wow so good...

Posted by jillValentine333

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so the walking dead season 2 is shadow the hedgehog

Latest post by Duck_was his son

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Latest post by ps3gamer095

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Doing a Let's Play Of walking Dead season 1 And I need Your Help!!

Latest post by TheWalkingSheep

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Merged: What happened to the dislike bar?

Latest post by prink34320

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lee dies?

Latest post by Spooch

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Not able to download SE 2 EP 5(Xbox)

Latest post by NukemDukem

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I found something....

Latest post by Puncake32

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Clementine's Mental Health and The Stranger.

Latest post by TWDclementine

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The NukemDukem situation

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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What i think will happen in EP 5 with Christa and Kenny

Posted by ps3gamer095

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The Final Chapter of S2

Latest post by wartigerwalkingdead3

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Do you think Kenny/Luke would die regardless of choices in this episode?

Latest post by SpookyRemotes

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Stepping Away Until Finale

Latest post by Piggs

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Carvo... (Humor if you consider it as that)

Latest post by Kryik

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