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Something serious about Rebecca's baby that everyone neglected

Latest post by poplee

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Which reaction was the best to TWD (THE ENDING)

Latest post by Itchy_Tasty

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Would you save Mike or Bonnie

Latest post by ChocoHallic

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What badass scene will Clem have?

Latest post by bloop

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Take Or Refuse The Nail File

Latest post by Bokor

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Wat if Kenny dies.

Latest post by Bokor

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LUKE VS KENNY ? let's chose NOW !

Latest post by Bokor

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Why does **** still say you took his meds even if you chose not to?

Latest post by Gary-Oak

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The Russians Aren't Evil

Latest post by Eguro

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What year do you think the outbreak takes place?

Latest post by Kordas

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Luke and the rest of the cast lack of feeling

Latest post by TheGoodTheBadTheDead

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Kenny, Luke, Or MIKE

Latest post by TakashiKomuro

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Am I the only one who?

Latest post by joshua007

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Season 2 should use the PS4's touchpad for the new QTE

Latest post by HSPLazerz

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Why would the 400 days characters have goals they wanted to accomplish, but ended up not doing them?

Latest post by Jewfreeus

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I'm sorry, but I had to.

Posted by kavtehman

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Will Lee return?

Latest post by SwagBeast

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Why did so many people hate Duck?

Latest post by KennyAndNickAreGods

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Is this possible?...

Latest post by Kenny_Is_Awesome

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The official WHO WOULD YOU SAVE... thread - *Pizza or Ice Cream Decision?!* *WONDERFUL NEW IMAGE*

Latest post by MosesARose

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The Best Fitness System For Your Offic Nitro X Proseries

Posted by asaga12

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How will YOU die in 'The Walking Dead Universe'

Latest post by QuantumTesla

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Most messed up choice you made so far

Latest post by QuantumTesla

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Who's Your Favorite Character?

Latest post by Rylee

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Enough of this Luke vs Kenny bullshit.

Latest post by bloop

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Latest post by DarkDefiantOne

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Season 3 announced at Comic Con

Latest post by NerdyGeek

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Who will be our judge and what will accuse you of?

Latest post by InKennyWeTrust

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The Windmill "Puzzle"

Latest post by The Walking Mustache

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Has Been Done To Death But....{Carver And Kenny}

Latest post by poplee

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