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Telltale and Murder

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Moved: Forum Contest #11 Submission Thread

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If you catch caver and told him to surrender, what do you do?

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Kenny doesn't seem very sad about...

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IOS 8 Compatibility Does Walking Dead work on iOS 8

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Listen to my bby sing

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Moved: What country are you from?

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Do you get emotional? *Spoilers*

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is tavia blind or delibrately let clem get radia?

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Listen to the screams of people who die

Posted by Kennysucks

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Ask Gavin a question

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Did anyone else...

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"You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

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Make this game nicer

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What if.

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Episode 4 What if Eddie is the antagonist for season 2.

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Do you think Nick is season 2's Ben?

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____'s Death...

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What do you think would have happened?

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Do you think Luke will kill?

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Merged: A request to Telltale for near future when it comes to future establishments. No bash, just…

Posted by browngamer93

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If you got a ride from Nate what would you do and where would you go with him?

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Something to bide your time till Episode 4 and 5

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Merged: The Newest Ship: Tilliam

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If Kenny Saved Ben

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Check this out!

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TWAU before TWD....

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What's The Reason to Hate Becca?

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The Meaning of the Seesaw (Ep. 5 Spoilers)

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