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[SPOILERS] TWDG easter eggs / references / hidden jokes?

Latest post by WalkerBlocker

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Should I snop in the files?

Latest post by Darth Marsden

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Make up emotional moment: Warning! Extreme feels may strike!

Latest post by ATLAS1192

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I am 100 percent sure you haven't noticed these in the walking dead.

Latest post by The Fallen

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What's the worst ending out of the options?

Latest post by Piggs

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Drinking the booze and smoking?

Latest post by Sarangholic

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Why would they build a ski resort next to a cliff?

Latest post by Viva-La-Lee

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What song best describes each character?

Latest post by ForClementine

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In your opinion, who are the people with the worst death

Latest post by Harpadarpa

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Which walking dead TV season was your favorite?

Latest post by KCohere

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Carver killing Kenny? (theturningdead video and opinions)

Latest post by Juice-Box

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What made you change your opinion on Carlos in Episode 2 ?

Latest post by HERO_1000

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Does Clem have a death wish?

Latest post by Ironpervhunter-3-0

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Is it worth it to (purposefully) let determinant characters die?

Latest post by TheNarwhalKing

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"Saw it coming, still fell for it..." moment?

Latest post by Full Leather Jacket

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The Walking Dead Videos

Latest post by _Juice_Box_

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The Walking Dead: Nowhere To Run Part 2

Latest post by Tyler_Durant

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How would the events of the game have changed if....

Latest post by That_1_Guy

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About Bonnie...

Latest post by Ironpervhunter-3-0

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Book recommendations for TWD and TLOU fans

Latest post by TheMissus

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A look into voting

Latest post by coolkid12

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A fate worst than death?

Latest post by Rock114

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Episode 3 news?

Latest post by jillValentine333

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Am I the only person who thinks....

Latest post by Harpadarpa

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Message For the Community

Latest post by jillValentine333

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About music speculation on episode 3 4 and 5 slides.

Latest post by _Juice_Box_

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Hilarious voice cover for season 1

Latest post by nodenaatti

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Do Wyatt and Eddie

Latest post by SergeantSnookie

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3 hours for Dave Fennoy in Up at Noon.

Latest post by TheGoodTheBadTheDead

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How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Posted by Kenny/Lee

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