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Weapon of choice?

Latest post by Full Leather Jacket

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Getting sick of people defending the Telltale delays...

Latest post by Ohyoupokedme

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Theory: Luke went to see if he can save Mathew???

Latest post by TheUltimateBroski

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***** or ****** decision in episode 3?

Latest post by skoothz

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Theory: Nick's Fate - Suicide?

Latest post by skoothz

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If you were clem, how would you react if Lilly came back?

Latest post by ClementineForLife

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Deeper meaning within the Can of Peaches?

Latest post by JonGon

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Welcome to: The Weird Mind of Viva #1

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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"Because we had to..."

Latest post by Saoralba131

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Latest post by Night_Owl

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Did you trust them from the jump?

Latest post by Bombummie

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VERY hard decision, what would YOU do?

Latest post by ChocoHallic

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Kirkman isn't dismissing the possibility of Telltale characters showing up in the comic or on TV

Latest post by Kenny_Is_Alive

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Anyone else get the feeling that Season 2 is just a build up for something even bigger in Season 3?

Latest post by AusZombie

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Im worrying about R***

Latest post by WalkingdeadDanielle

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who is the I thought u were dead person?

Latest post by TWD PDX503

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A Dumb Theory About The End. Of S2

Latest post by Viva-La-Lee

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Are Clem and Lee not in the comics?

Latest post by Tommyo3000

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"What would you do?": Hostage situation in S2E2

Latest post by Pride

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How to Troll or Outsmart a Zombie?

Latest post by DomeWing333

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just thought of this, thought i should share it. :D

Latest post by JonGon

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Why does everyone act like children?

Latest post by iHeartTWD

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I will never understand...

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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Just how big is Carver's community?

Latest post by TWD PDX503

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Am i the only one who thought that girl was creepy?-tv show

Latest post by Night_Owl

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Vita Up on German PSN?

Latest post by MulderYuffie

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Stitching Clementines Arm

Latest post by Bubadoo

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Peaches and Beans

Latest post by EpicMustacheGuy

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*He will remember that

Latest post by Tiff182

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Parallels between AMC/TTG this season

Posted by masterofceremonies

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