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Please Keep Meme Images And All Animated GIFs in Forum Games

Latest post by Davidsanden27

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What's with all the hate for bonnie?

Latest post by CTCCoco

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Big game or little fish.

Latest post by Yes_Man

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Clem going for redemption?

Latest post by BigBlindMax

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does anyone know what would happen if you change your 400 days decisions after you played S2 E1&E2?

Latest post by dan290786

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Why is it so?

Latest post by J_John

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New Playing Dead...with an interesting commenter.

Latest post by SaltLick305

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What if you are with clementine in the you take care of clementine..

Latest post by asb5953

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New playing Dead Episode

Posted by JimmyTheRustler

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Kenny Kills Luke

Latest post by Jenny_Pitcher

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I kind of dislike Katjaa...

Latest post by lessAFM

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Funny Carver Quotes

Latest post by hihitwd

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It's not Kenny.....It's Omid.

Latest post by Tyranitar

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who is your favorite NEW character?

Latest post by iorek21

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Which three franchises do you want telltale to do next and why?

Latest post by Jennifer

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The player is given the option to kill ____?

Latest post by NICKERs

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Will we discover *****'s last name in season 2?

Latest post by NikoruNeko

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Will the survivors take a plane to Wellington?

Latest post by OzzyUK

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What three franchises would like telltale to make and why?

Posted by lucid121

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Could somebody show me this scenario?

Latest post by Gunab

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just Curious!

Latest post by HisNameWasLee

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Who would you rather follow, Luke or Kenny?

Latest post by Bombummie

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Youtube Permission

Latest post by Milkshake541

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Season 2: A House Divided

Latest post by Milkshake541

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Walter Appreciation Thread [SPOILERS]

Latest post by Scytheslay

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Will ____ Return?

Latest post by Kenny_Is_Alive

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TWD Lets Plays.

Latest post by Ohyoupokedme

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Being curious with characters ... why not anyone disabled or handicapped?

Latest post by Idontcare

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Has this scene been included in the game yet, or...?

Latest post by S-Rose

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One character

Latest post by Zyphon

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