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Trade talk.

Latest post by JimmyJoeJangles

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Latest post by ricktheprick

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Really Telltale?

Latest post by Chibikid

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Will the Apocalypse ever End??

Latest post by fallandir

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Is Clem Afro-Asian( black and asian)?

Latest post by FORTLEE

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So I was finally able to play A New Frontier.

Latest post by JimmyJoeJangles

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If you have a choice to shot David you will do that ?

Latest post by TheSuperjohn702

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What episode would you rewrite?

Latest post by AmidtheClementine

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Christa/Lilly may be member of A New Frontier(Theory)

Latest post by Fury2014

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But what's with the ugly jacket?: Character Designs

Latest post by DabigRG

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Do you think that Aj will be alive in present day next episode since the new frontier took him?

Latest post by DabigRG

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Do you think its possible for a season 2 end character to pop up?

Latest post by Chibikid

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Merged: Kevin Bruner steps down

Posted by godmadethunder

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What is the general opinion of TWD: Michonne?

Latest post by Clemenem

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Why TTG fans like romance so much?

Latest post by Mojazz22

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Characters you felt or feel disdain for...?

Latest post by SolidStryder

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Walking dead season 3

Latest post by Blind Sniper

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Season one on Linux?

Posted by Morninglightmountain

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Who is your favorite Walking Dead character from the game series other

Posted by Xtreme zombie28

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Mariana's Cassette Player...

Latest post by DabigRG

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How is This Possible?

Latest post by JimmyJoeJangles

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Important info for fans of The Walking Dead Forum Edtion

Latest post by Masterfaust

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Might Kenny appear in future episodes?

Latest post by VengefulKenny

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Should Gabe have died instead of...

Latest post by Chibikid

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Would You guys like there to be TWD Governor Mini Series

Latest post by Kryik

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Would you Guys Support a Walking Dead Comic Animation Series

Latest post by BigGazMan

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Who did you guys pretend to play as in ANF

Latest post by Masterfaust

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Moved: The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Part 3: Close Ties

Posted by Blind Sniper

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'Bury Me Here' Episode Discussion

Latest post by Handsome Lee

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Moved: The Walking Dead: Forum Edition Part 4 Coming Soon!(Links to other Parts included)

Posted by Blind Sniper

Discussion Moved
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