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New TV/Comics character in the game?

Latest post by sony12

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What are your favourite The Walking Dead quotes?

Latest post by Lord_Bullcat

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Really stupid theories

Latest post by Parker_Barrows

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Lee in final season

Latest post by Clem-Lee-Kenny-Javi

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Telltale lemme tell you something

Latest post by MRSHYGUY45

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Clem's Voice Actress

Latest post by TJP623

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Cringiest Lines/Moments

Latest post by DabigRG

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Which theories, did you have while playing TWD for the first time.

Latest post by DabigRG

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The Walking Dead The Finale Season

Latest post by Alex_L_P

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Season 2 Kenny/Lilly being a determinant appearance

Latest post by TJ3046

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Dear Telltale: Please add Songs during the credits after each episode

Latest post by UrbanRodrik

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Walking Dead:A New Frontier DLC?

Posted by Bossoskin

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Would you buy season 4? #TWD8episodes

Latest post by SirajB6

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How will season 4 work?

Latest post by Chibikid

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Where to find Indy TWDG 400 days

Latest post by Melton23

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Anyone Have A Problem They Release It On 2018?

Latest post by Lord_Bullcat

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Choices could matter alot in season 4.

Latest post by Sharples65

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Warm Puffy Rainbows?

Latest post by OzzyUK

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Can Telltale write good heros and villains?

Latest post by Louche

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Final Season Predictions

Latest post by TJ3046

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From 2019 onwards we will not see Clem story again This will be the worst thing in my life.

Latest post by JimmyJoeJangles

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Are you going to buy the first episode of the Final Season in the first day?

Latest post by Batteries

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Petition for Clementine to have her own Comic!

Latest post by Cleminator93

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Writing a fanfic about the S2 Wellington ending

Latest post by Dan10

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Did TTG lose IP rights to TWD?

Latest post by Dan10

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Do you think they plan on bringing Clem into the comic after season 4?

Latest post by sony12

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Concept: What if Luke was playable in season 2 like Clem was playable in ANF?

Latest post by DabigRG

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No more Richmond and Javier?

Latest post by Clemenem

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I just can't believe it's ending...

Latest post by Kenny_Is_Love

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What are the hights of all the main characters in the walking dead a new fronteir???

Latest post by Ja1862

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