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Technical Bug, Image Flickering, where do I get help?

posted by burak on - last edited - Viewed by 219 users
I have am Image Flickering problem that makes the game unplayable.
That happens at the Doctors, when Guybrush is trying to escape from the Chair until the Doc returns.
Flickering is so intense I can't continue to play the game. Also the 3D Models seem to be broken, mabye some of them are not drawn ar all. I can't see what to do.
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  • What graphics card do you have? And have you tried reducing the graphics detail setting?

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  • Hey, the bug was Alt+Tab releated.
    When pressed again it was allright.
    8600M GT 256MB on win Vista 64bit.
    Did not try to reduce anything.
    Can be marked as solved.
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