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Some bugs on Monkey Island

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I just wanted to report some bugs I've noticed on Tales of Monkey Island.
When using the horn to destroy the crystal nose on the huge portal/doorway the horn is invisible during the animation.
And when the Parrot falls on the ground in the voodoo lady's house, the subtitles show the "I'm Guybrush Threepwood Mighty Pirate" line, but it's not being spoken. The same thing happens when you try to throw the parrot over the huge portal/doorway.
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  • I also noticed the lack of voice at certain points in the game. Mainly with the parrot tho.
  • Good to know I wasn't the only one.
    Hopefully they will fix these bugs.
  • Yeah, it's a bug in our dialog system I'm afraid. It's on the To Do list. Sorry!
  • Good to hear, hopefully you'll look into the invisible object bug as well.
  • when you use the cheese on one of the idols (when they are only ????) before you've even used the key on the clamshell, Guybrush already talks about not having the right ''eyes'' on the right idol.
  • I found that if you attempt to use the unbreakable bottle on the breaker while it's still on the barrel in front of the pirate, it goes through the animation of not being able to steal it, then Guybrush turns around and uses the breaker as if it was from his inventory.

    You still have to steal it eventually, but just reporting that bug here since I can't find anywhere else to.
  • One more for you: the second-to-last voodoo book contains a letter with an accent that rendered (at least on my computer) as a square boxy thing.
  • I never found any grog to put on guybrush's hand, but the dialogue option came up when talking to the voodoo lady as if i had already dipped his hand in grog. at this point i've left the island so it seems like i skipped that part.
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    The grog reference must be from when Marquis De Singe injected the grog-anesthetic.

    Another bug though, is when your poxed hand is stuck in the tar and you examine the weather-wane, Guybrush is able to stand up and use the wane with a black left hand. Examining the map in your inventory while in the same sticky situation will open the map showing both hands with the left hand being it's lovely green.
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